About Breakthrough

Breakthrough Ideas is a policy advocacy and education network that advances the causes of peace, prosperity, and freedom by highlighting the virtue of taxpayer-centric and liberty-focused policy, and the ways in which they benefit all members of a community.

What We Do

The mission of Breakthrough Ideas is to build networks of voters and students. We will build online networks by providing engaging, shareable content. Physically, we will build suburban networks by providing local meeting and organizing spaces for neighbors to come together and build coalitions around critical local issues independent of a political party.


What We Believe

We believe that politics is about more than power and personality. It is about our families, our businesses, our jobs, and our communities. With that view, we aim to break through the misinformation, lies, and distractions of the political class to connect with suburban voters, students, and influencers on issues that impact their lives, families, and businesses.

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