Who Are We?

About Us

We believe that politics is about more than power and personality. It is about our families, our businesses, our jobs and our communities. With that view, we aim to break through the misinformation, lies and distractions of the political class to connect with suburban voters, students and influencers on issues that impact their lives, families and businesses.

Breakthrough Ideas is a policy advocacy and education network that advances the causes of peace, prosperity and freedom by highlighting the virtue of taxpayer-centric and liberty-focused policy, and the ways in which they benefit all members of a community.

Our Mission

The mission of Breakthrough Ideas is to build networks of voters and students. We will build online networks by providing engaging, shareable content. Physically, we will build suburban networks by providing local meeting and organizing spaces for neighbors to come together and build coalitions around critical local issues independent of a political party.

The Team

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Jeanne Ives


A West Point graduate, Jeanne Ives served three terms as an Illinois State Representative. First elected in 2012, she demonstrated not only a willingness to lead on difficult issues and question powerful House leaders, but also an insightful understanding of policy.

Prior to her election to the Illinois House, Ives served on the Wheaton City Council, where her tenure was marked by conservative leadership and an unwavering commitment to the taxpayers’ bottom line.

In 2020, Jeanne was the Republican nominee for Congress in IL-06. During that race, her campaign put in place the infrastructure to begin the pushback operation against the socialism that invaded the US House in 2018. She plans to continue developing that infrastructure as CEO of Breakthrough Ideas.


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Kathleen Murphy


Kathleen Murphy is a Republican political communications strategist with 10 years of experience in Illinois politics. She served as Communication Director and Spokeswoman for Jeanne Ives’ campaign for Congress (IL-06).  Kathleen was also the Communication Director and Spokeswoman for Ives’ conservative insurgency in the 2018 Republican gubernatorial primary.

She has served as an advisor to numerous candidates and worked with advocacy organizations to advance free minds and free markets. Kathleen is looking forward to continuing those efforts as President of Breakthrough Ideas.


Larisa Calvanese


Larisa is excited to join Breakthrough Ideas as the organization’s Executive Assistant. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Larisa was the Executive Assistant and Scheduler for Jeanne Ives’ 2020 Congressional Race. She has also worked as a Volunteer Coordinator for a hospice organization.

Larisa serves in her church as a small group leader and youth ministry chaperone. She volunteers for Reclaim13.  She is currently a committeeman for Downers Grove Township Republican Organization.

J.P. Augustynowicz


J.P. is a six year Veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Force.  Stationed just outside of Seattle, he served on-board the USS Parche as a Fire Control Technician. The USS Parche is the most decorated ship in US Naval history. After his time in the Navy, he attended Northern Illinois University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science.

Since graduating, he worked as a legislative assistant, and part-time IT consultant. J.P. has also worked on many political campaigns, including Jeanne Ives’ race for Governor and Congresswoman (IL-06). He also ran his own campaigns for State Representative and Alderman. J.P. is excited to continue the work that we had started on the congressional campaign and take political digital production to the next level at Breakthrough Ideas.