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A Contrast of Policies - Conservative Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Far-Left IL Gov. Pritzker

The contrast between the policies of conservative Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and far-Left Governor JB Pritzker couldn’t be greater. This week in two separate press conferences Governor Sanders stood up for America’s long-term security and for women. Her statements are direct contradictions to those of JB Pritzker

Let’s start with her presser about women. I highly encourage you to listen to the entire 6-minute statement at this link – you’ll be impressed. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders banning 'woke, anti-women' words from state government - YouTube

Here are a few of her notable statements:

“On the Left women have taken a backseat to political correctness.”

“Their using nonsense words to erase women and girls and most importantly to erase our experiences and our voices.”

“It’s the Left that has decided woman is a dirty word.”

“What started as a fad by a few students has seeped down to corporations…it’s demeaning to women.”

She then announced ridding the state government of ridiculous words like pregnant people, laboring person, and birth giver.

Can anyone disagree with this? Only if you deny the truth. 

While Gov Sanders is intent on protecting women, JB Pritzker is intent on killing girls before they are even born.

Governor Pritzker wants to bring abortion on demand to every state. He’s spending his time and money on his THINK BIG AMERICA PAC.

Politico wrote, “Think Big America plans to focus on promoting ballot measures that would codify abortion rights. It’s supporting ballot measures in Nevada, Ohio and Arizona.”

The guy could work on any initiative he wants and he chose Abortion.

Then, on Wednesday, The New Yorker came out with a gratuitous one-sided piece on Pritzker which further illustrates Pritzker’s obsession with abortion. The article is so biased someone should ask Pritzker how much he paid to have it published. 

First on fiscal matters, the author credits Pritzker with stabilizing the budget and for credit upgrades without noting his tax increases in 2019, that his Democrat Senate President asked the federal government for $42 billion bailout at the start of COVID because they had no reserves and no way to balance their budget, $13 billion in direct support to the state from federal taxpayers during COVID, and the approximately $180 billion Illinois taxpayers and business received in COVID money which fed higher income tax receipts to the state. 

The author noted Pritzker’s other progressive policies such as cashless bail, punishing book bans (what a farce – the Left bans books), and gun bans.

Now we all know Pritzker is a big pro-abort, but alarmingly, the New Yorker author wrote this about him-

Abortion animates Pritzker like no other issue.”

The paragraph continues,

 …“Dobbs is creating a new political paradigm surrounding women's health,” Pritzker told me. “I think it remains the No. 1 issue, not just for Democrats, but in the country, driving Democrats, independents, and some Republicans to vote for pro-choice candidates.”

 (He also backs policies defending gender-affirming care.) As part of his pitch to lure businesses to the state, he calls Illinois, which is surrounded by states with harsh abortion laws, “an island for reproductive justice.”

Think about that - Abortion animates Pritzker and he considers it the Number 1 issue. That is so telling. He isn’t a big thinker, he’s an amoral weak person.

Abortion gets spoken about so often in politics that often times many forget what really happens in an abortion. And since I think when your elected leader tells you what excites him, we should understand what that really looks like.

Since the Dobbs decision, abortion is up 54% according to Planned Parenthood. However, the latest Illinois abortion statistics from IDPH are from 2021. In that year, a total of 51,797 babies were killed in Illinois by abortion. Of that amount, 2,192 abortions were abortions after 16 weeks gestation according to IDPH statistics.

Human Life International describes what happens in an abortion after 14 weeks.

There are only two methods of abortion that can be done after 14 weeks. These are intact dilation and extraction abortion (the so-called partial-birth abortion) and a more common method called dilation and evacuation abortion. Both types of abortion begin with the same preparation of the cervix. And because of the size of the baby, both require two separate visits to the abortionist’s office.

In a dilation and evacuation abortion, the abortionist uses a suction tube to suck out the amniotic fluid. The baby is too big to fit throughthat tube, so she cannot be sucked out. The abortionist must pull her out in pieces. He does this with a tool called a Sopher clamp. Using this clamp, he grabs onto different parts of the baby and pulls until he has removed the entirety of her body. At this point, he must verify that he has gotten all the baby’s body parts, and he puts her together like a jigsaw puzzle outside the mother’s body.

Conversely, in partial-birth abortion, the abortionist follows the same preparations as described above, but instead of using the Sopher clamp and suction tube, he delivers the baby partway. He then stops the delivery and kills her by stabbing her neck with scissors.

The Governor of the Land of Lincoln is ANIMATED by the ripping apart limb by limb of babies and the suctioning out of innocent human life – it’s his number ONE issue.

The only way to describe a person animated by abortion and whose entire effort to win voters to his side is to win on abortion is despicable.

Governor Sanders’ other press conference this week received lots of national media attention. She has signed legislation kicking Chinese company Syngenta out of the state.

BREAKING: Gov. Sarah Sanders Announces Chinese State-Owned Company Must Give Up Arkansas Land - YouTube

In her press conference, she called China a hostile foreign entity. Her legislation requires Chinese-owned Syngenta to sell its holdings in Arkansas. There’s no grandfathering in operations already in place. 

Read more here: Arkansas orders Chinese-owned seed producer Syngenta to sell US farmland | Reuters

In her press conference, she mentions that the Chinese government requires Chinese citizens abroad to spy for them. She repeats information written elsewhere that the Chinese present a national security risk to the U.S. and that they steal our technology. These are all points we have covered before in discussing the Gotion deal.

In contrast, Governor Pritzker has promised Gotion, a Chinese state-owned company over half a billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies. This weekend the Wall Street Journal editors took Pritzker to task over that deal in their editorial Chinese Companies and Your Tax Dollarwriting:

In a Sept. 13 letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Reps. Mike Gallagher (R., Wis.) and John Moolenaar (R., Mich.) noted that Gotion “has direct ties to the CCP [Chinese Community Party] and state-owned financial institutions” and has been part of a Chinese program the FBI has flagged for “theft of trade secrets and economic espionage.”

That seems worth examining, but who will do it, if not Mr. Pritzker? The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has said Gotion’s projects don’t fall under its jurisdiction.

In January 2023, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin turned away a Ford factory that was partnering with Chinese battery maker CATL, on the grounds that the company was a “Trojan horse” for Beijing. It set up in Michigan instead, but on Sept. 25, Ford said it paused the project until it was “confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant.”

Gotion president Li Chen is a graduate of U.S. universities, but his ties to China are deep. His World Economic Forum bio says he “is a member of the CPPCC of Baohe District in Hefei City.” Gotion is a private company, but Chinese business executives know their enterprises at home and abroad answer to the Party. We called and emailed Gotion for comment but did not hear back.

And this point at the end:

Mr. Pritzker has waved off questions about Gotion’s deal as “xenophobia” and “MAGA Republicans” at work. Hmmm. Don’t Illinois taxpayers deserve to know who their tax dollars are funding?

In another in-depth report from the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Energy and Commerce Committee in the House, we learn even more. (Thank you Coalition for a Prosperous America for alerting me to it.)

Titled: Irresponsible, Reckless, Alarming: IRA Will Make America Poorer and China Richer. The top line says:

The “Inflation Reduction” Act (IRA) is one of the most economically disastrous pieces of legislation ever enacted. Just about every Democrat claim made in defense of this costly and irresponsible bill, including its title, is false. As this report demonstrates, the IRA will make us poorer and China richer.


Even more specifically the report mentioned Gotion among the Chinese companies that are connected to the CCP.


DOE cannot afford to keep making the same mistake of enriching China’s technological efforts at the expense of American taxpayers. It is imperative that

DOE awards support the national security of the United States, not undermine

it. We must take the threat of Chinese companies making inroads into domestic

supply chains more seriously.


More recently, Gotion High-Tech, a Chinese manufacturer, announced it is setting

up shop in Illinois. Senator Rubio and other Republican lawmakers recently highlighted in a letter to Treasury Secretary Yellen that “Li Zhen, [Gotion’s] founder and Chairman, is a

member of the Anhui Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, which is

part of the CCP’s United Front system...His son, Li Chen, who is also [Gotion’s] CEO, is

a member of the Baohe District Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee,

which is an advisory body of the CCP.” According to The Daily Caller, Gotion’s Silicon

Valley Research Center is home to an “Overseas Talent Work Station” set up by the

CCP to recruit American and European talent.


It also mentioned this: “It is becoming more and more apparent China has developed and is implementing a clear-eyed strategy to control the supply chains for a variety of alternative energy technologies. It already is by far the largest producer of wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries globally (Table 1). It shows no sign of relinquishing its lead in these areas.”

China doesn't need our subsidy. They already control the market and want no American competition. Also EVs and associated Green Energy would not be in the marketplace but for the subsidies.

This investment in EVs and associated batteries is all predicated on the lie that climate change is a crisis and a desire to force EVs on consumers. It’s not working.

EV manufacturing appears to be slowing down and good Governors like VA’s Youngkin are reversing Democrat policies that would limit the sale of traditional gas cars.

Another WSJ editorial this week explained Glenn Youngkin’s Plan to Save Gas Cars


Under their previous Democrat Governor, Virginiaadopted CA policies to halt the sale of gas cars. But, Youngkin pointed out that only .5% of vehicles were electric vehicles. “Democrats say the policy will increase consumer choice, but unsold EVs are already piling up on dealer lots. The mandate will limit choices for Virginians who want gas cars, and they may pay higher prices due to restricted supply. Mr. Youngkin, who understands economics, is pushing to undo the 2021 law.”

While Pritzker hasn’t filed legislation to ban gas cars, he is subsidizing the purchase of EVs and most of the cost of building charging stations, which is also bad. Pritzker’s goal is 1 million EVs in Illinois by 2030. But right now, according to the Secretary of State’s website, there are only 85,870 registered electric vehicles out of 6,743,848 passenger cars – EVs make up only 1.3% of registered passenger cars. 

Any bets on reaching one million in the next 6 years? Hell No. But, they will waste your money trying.

Back to Syngenta, a company AR Governor Sanders said is on a “Department of Defense list of Chinese military companies that pose a clear threat” to their state. Syngenta is also located in Illinois. And in 2018 they received an EDGE credit worth nearly $2 million to create 50 new jobs. By comparison, in 2021 Deere & Company received just under $5 million to create 150 jobs. Does that make sense?? At a minimum, we shouldn’t be funding Chinese-owned companies and we should be investigating their activities.

On my radio show tonight, I will interview Lori Brock, a Michigan farmer who is fighting the Gotion plant in her township. Tune into AM 560 from 7-9 PM.


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