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All the Right Enemies

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

By Kathleen Murphy

This is Breakthrough Ideas Lighting Up the Media.

According to my Uber driver last week on a Spring Break trip to Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, “has done a lot of things right…”

If he does intend to run for President, DeSantis’ handling of the COVID pandemic has won him a lot of supporters - and ALL the right enemies.

Over the past year, the Florida governor has defied the media narrative. He worked with the private sector, rather than relying solely on government - shooting down the idea that only government can save us. His success is amplified when you contrast DeSantis’ approach with the disastrous, government-centric approaches of Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsome and JB Pritzker.

DeSantis’ response to the COVID crisis has been a demonstrable success, that he managed without ginning up hysteria and shutting down his state’s economy for months on end - also antithetical to media narratives that we’re all going to die and should be basically arrested if we leave our homes without 6 masks and hand sanitizer.

Nothing drives our low-key socialist establishment and their media mouthpieces crazier than being proven wrong. And their coverage of DeSantis has been off the rails.

The :60 Minutes report was far from the first attempt to frame DeSantis as a boogie-man leading some sort of death cult. For over a year now, he has been unfairly and inaccurately excoriated for taking a “hands-off” approach, an outright lie, that - even if it had been true - would have been preferable to the death-grip approach employed by Governors like JB Pritzker and Andrew Cuomo.

When it was clear that the data didn’t conform to the morbid media narrative of life (and death) in Florida, the media did what the media does: Put a camera and microphone in front of any lunatic who will tell them the lies they want to hear. In this case, Rebekah Jones - who said that DeSantis was doctoring his state’s COVID data. It was a conspiracy theory pushed by a crazy person who’s being prosecuted on stalking charges as we speak.

And those lies were amplified by numerous allegedly reputable media outlets.

At every turn, the accusations against DeSantis have proven false. Worse yet for his opponents in the media, DeSantis has figured out how to capitalize on their hatred toward him. Look at the hit :60 Minutes credibility just took. Even the Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County has released a statement defending DeSantis and criticising :60 minutes, saying: “The reporting was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false.”

In their effort to destroy someone they see as a threat to the Biden / Harris establishment Dream Team, the press have slandered, spun, wailed and moaned over DeSantis, who continues to exploit their bias to his advantage.

If corporate media keeps it up, by 2024, their credibility will be at even lower levels than in 2016 and any victories DeSantis has on the national stage will be - at least, in part - due to their unabashed, yet inept, efforts to sabotage him.


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