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Anti-Racist Teacher Training

By Jeanne Ives

It’s Reveille!

School districts around the nation are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have their staff and teachers sit through implicit bias training conducted by race hustler “consultants” cashing in on the national mood that America is a systemically racist country.

Recently, A Chicago suburban school district made national news for their anti-racist training. As reported by The Federalist, one of the training slides depicted covert white supremacy as including the slogan “Make America Great Again” and celebrating Columbus Day.

This type of anti-bias training is a recent phenomenon in public education - which begs the question:

Were these superintendents running systemically racist schools beforehand? Were those 20 and 30 year teachers acting racist towards their students for years and everybody in the system just turned a blind eye? Of course not. But, if there is systemic racism, then who runs the systems?

The majority of the staff and faculty in public education are among the most liberal citizens in our country.

It is all just virtue signaling.

They are using valuable public resources to indoctrinate the staff and subsequently your children.

American civil rights activist, Bob Woodson, in a recent opinion piece had this to say about it. “The Civil Rights Movement of which I was proudly a part has been betrayed by a twisted progressive ideology that hyper-racializes our country.”

Instead of helping to create a society in which all have an equal opportunity to thrive, it insists that systemic racism prevents anyone except "privileged" whites from succeeding. “

Woodson, sees the training as projecting racial minorities as victims unable to help themselves.

By the way, that suburban school in the last five years has seen no overall improvement in minority test scores. And the best performing group of children identify as Asian, who outperform white children.

This is your wake-up call America. As Woodson said, “The civil rights movement was about giving everyone an opportunity to succeed and treating everyone fairly regardless of race, religion, or creed.”

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas. Find out more at Breakthrough-Ideas.com.

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