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Breakthrough Ideas Launches Grassroots Opposition to 350% Tax Hike

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Breakthrough Ideas Launches Grassroots Opposition to 350% Tax Hike

March 10, 2021 - Today, Breakthrough Ideas, a suburban advocacy organization, released compelling reasons for voters to reject a township level tax hike that would give township government the ability to increase resident’s taxes for projects that do not fall within the core responsibilities of township government.

“This referendum is misleading and would only serve to further burden the families living in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn,” said Breakthrough Ideas co-founder Jeanne Ives. “Those pushing the tax hike say the money will go to mental health services. But the truth is providing mental health services is the responsibility of the state and county. In fact, just a few years ago, we built a state-of-the-art mental health treatment center right in the heart of Milton Township at the DuPage County Government Complex. This money would essentially become a slush fund for township officials. Families, businesses and other taxpayers here don’t need another tax hike. We already send a lot of money to government. We need our government to start working smarter with what they have.”

As written, the referendum would allow Milton Township officials to raise taxes as much as 3.5 times from .0408, to as high as .1500.

Breakthrough Ideas has launched a campaign to defeat the Milton Township tax.

Materials include infographics, which can be downloaded here:

Breakthrough Ideas has also created a printable flyer for grassroots advocates that can be downloaded here.


For more information or to book a representative of Breakthrough Ideas, contact Kathleen Murphy, co-founder and President, at kathleen@breakthrough-ideas.com or 630-329-4680.

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