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Breakthrough Ideas Sunday Newsletter, April 25

Updated: May 20, 2021

April 25, 2021 Breaking News from Breakthrough Ideas

Breaking Out of the Routine

We launched a new program this week: Local Board Watchdogs. Local governments set property tax rates and decide which programs will be implemented in your school, libraries, cities and villages. We will be keeping an eye on them!

We also initiated a Monthly Leadership Coalition Meeting to discuss strategies, opportunities and messaging with other grassroots leaders building coalitions around the state operating independent of party.

And break your of your old routine with a night out! Join us on May 20th for a conversation on the Illinois story with Economist and WSJ writer Stephen Moore and 560-AM Radio Show Host Dan Proft. Tickets are almost gone - RSVP today!

Click here to RSVP!

On Display

The overt political indoctrination going on in the military has crossed the line and is destroying morale, creating division, and is a distraction to the other overwhelming real threats facing our nation. Today’s bugle call is a wake-up call for our military leaders.

Watch A Bugle Call for Military Leaders here.

Springfield legislators are pushing to repeal Parental Notification laws and enact a comprehensive Sex Ed program that parents should know about. To discuss these initiatives, Jeanne puts attorney, writer and Senior Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Policy Center Mary FioRito 'In the Spotlight.'

Watch the interview here.

Contrast the media reports on the riots breaking out across the country and Maxine Waters' calls for rioters to get "more confrontational," with their reports on the Capitol riots and President Trump's comments on January 6th. These double standards are tearing America apart. When will there be accountability for those who condone rioting and perpetrate the narrative that the only way to justice is through violent revolutionary action?

Watch Maxine Waters and Media Hypocrisy here.

Project Veritas' CNN expose confirmed that corporate media is in the business of manipulation. In this episode, Kathleen defines the ways in which media manipulates.

Watch #CNNExposed​ & the 3 Ways Media Manipulates here.

Other Content…

We launched 'Lunchtime Live' this week.

Check out a clip here and join us on Facebook every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at noon!

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