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Care to Vote

By Jeanne Ives

It’s Reveille

In many places, people will head to the polls today to vote for candidates who will run schools, cities, park districts, and other local governments.

Will you vote today? Or are you going to let the local teacher unions decide the future of your child’s education?

Where I live, these elected politicians control nearly 100 percent of the property taxes - amounting to hundreds of millions of tax dollars spent annually.

Their decisions impact your life - daily.

Will that new development benefit the community or does it create problems for existing property owners?

Will your police be defunded?

Did your mayor take a knee to appease mobs last year resulting in vandalism and violence?

Did your school board capitulate to the extreme shutdown, forcing your child to learn remotely while still handing out generous pay raises to employees?

Will your middle schooler be told because they are white, they are racist?

Did your park district shutdown youth soccer, board up park bathrooms, but bring in port-a-potties?

Even in non-pandemic times, the more mundane jobs must be done with proper oversight.

Does your city provide safe drinking water?

Do your schools provide a learning environment that meets children’s needs across the spectrum of capabilities?

After last year, we should have a better understanding of the power local elected officials have.

Are you going to vote in politicians with common sense who stand up for you - or those who protect their own power.

By the time the polls close today only 15 percent of registered voters will have voted in many of these local elections.

Guess what, sometimes you get the representation you deserve. This is your wake-up call America, don’t sit on the sidelines during any election.

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas. Find out more at Breakthrough-Ideas.com

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