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Chicago Public Schools Hired Cross-Dressing Man to Teach Special Ed

Last week I wrote about two queer Chicago Public School (CPS) employees: Jose Dominguez Magdaleno, drag queen and “LGBTQ Project Support Intern at Chicago Public Schools”; and Derrick Little, eye shadow-wearing homosexual pothead who is a “Sexual Health Specialist at Chicago Public Schools.” But that’s not nearly enough queerness for CPS. They’ve hired cross-dressing man “Eva” Padilla to teach Special Education at the Chicago Academy High School.

The troubled 27-year-old Padilla, whose birth name was Joseph (Joe), lost his mother when he was 9 and has struggled with eating disorders since age 14. He grew up in Downers Grove and graduated from Lemont High School in 2014. He has been the lead singer in the band August Hotel since 2017. He began estrogen doping in April 2020.

He wrote about his eating disorder in a long Facebook post critical of Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. In his cynical criticism, Padilla also wrote,

Try as [Shrier] might to deny it, Shrier isn't asking the "hard questions." She's asking the ones that'll fetch her a tidy salary. And in the course of this, she's wilfully denying the agency of trans youth who know their own bodies better than some free speech crusader with a Bill Buckley fetish.

We need not wonder about “trans” crusader Padilla’s “fetish”—I mean, in addition to his cross-dressing fetish. Padilla has admitted that his idol is activist Ray “Sylvia” Rivera.

Rivera was a homosexual drag queen who suffered a tragic childhood and died at age 50. His father abandoned the family when Rivera was born, and Rivera’s mother committed suicide when he was 3, following which his grandmother took him in. When he began experimenting with cross-dressing, he was beaten by his grandmother and bullied at school. At age 11, Rivera ran away and became a child prostitute to survive. At 17, he became an “LGBTQ” activist.

This is the man whom CPS teacher and ideological groomer Padilla admires.

In a recent interview with Chalkbeat Chicago, Padilla was asked, “What’s something happening in your surrounding community that affects what’s going on inside your classroom or your school?” Parents of CPS students who may be placed in Padilla’s classroom this upcoming fall should be troubled by his response:

I have students who talk with me about their parents disagreeing with them being queer because of their religion, because of societal pressures, [because of] what the neighbors will think. There’s also these narratives about trans teachers and queer teachers being “groomers.” So I have to sift through those things in order to best support those students. … I want to provide the best support I can to students and give them the space to be themselves while also giving myself the space to be myself.

When Padilla asserts that he wants “to provide the best support” he can to students, he is referring to affirming all their beliefs and desires about “gender” that he holds as well.

Presumably, Padilla does not provide support to parents who hold different beliefs and feelings about “gender” than their “queer”-identifying children and Padilla hold. Who gave Padilla the right to advance his assumptions about “gender” to other people’s children in his government job?

When Padilla was asked what it’s meant being a mentor to “LGBTQ” kids, he said,

being a mentor for these students means the world to me. … I can just let them know that if you need someone, there is a queer person in your life that you can talk to. My queerness is … an organic part of [the classroom].

Clearly, Padilla is a “groomer” in the sense that conservatives are using the term. He is an ideological groomer. He is—as dictionaries define grooming—getting students “ready for a specific objective.” That objective is to persuade them to accept his ontological, moral, and political beliefs. He is “mentoring” them in the ways of leftist sexuality. He is using his taxpayer-funded position to promulgate his arguable beliefs about the nature of “gender,” the therapeutic value of “transitioning,” and the moral status of cross-sex passing.

In case you’re wondering what the far-leftist, pro-teachers’ union, anti-police Padilla may teach students about America, here are some of his Facebook posts that offer clues:

July 4, 2020: “I am very tired of fireworks and celebrating the most conservative revolution in world history!”

July 23, 2020 post about former Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordering the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue: “You may not get the satisfaction of tearing down every racist monument yourselves, but I can’t wait to look in that spot and see jack shit about the many who didn’t discover anything.”

Aug. 10, 2020: “I will not give a shit about ‘looting’ or the destruction of private property until all people are treated as full human beings and have what they need to live.”

In 2022, only 19% of Chicago Academy High School students met or exceeded performance levels in math. Only 16.9% of students met or exceeded performance levels in English Language Arts. Not to worry, Chicago Parents, CPS will at least make sure your kids graduate believing cross-dressing men are women.

While feelings are unjustifiably exalted to a place of primacy in our public square, feelings are not without value. Their value in the public square is commensurate with the degree to which feelings align with truth. Feelings that deviate from that which is true, good, and beautiful will lead individuals and societies astray. Therefore, it would serve Americans well to focus more on the feelings of mentally and morally healthy adults and less on the disordered feelings of troubled adults.

Further, Illinoisans should spend a lot more time thinking about the feelings of parents who struggle valiantly against poverty, a deviant sex-obsessed culture, and leftist policies to raise their children up in the way they should go. Some of these parents have additional struggles due to the difficulty in accessing appropriate care for the special academic needs of their children. Now their already-challenged children will have a cross-dressing man in woman-face who calls himself Eva to help them negotiate life.

The obsession among public school leftists with promoting “trans” insanity has transformed pedagogy into propaganda, leadership into tyranny, and the doctrine of in loco parentis into child appropriation.

Remember, Springfield Democrats just voted to kill the Invest in Kids scholarship program that was enabling thousands of Chicago students to escape CPS indoctrination centers.


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