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Conservative Parents vs. Leftist Teachers and Antifa

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

On May 30, 2023, I wrote an article about Saticoy Elementary School in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which was embroiled in a controversy over the administration’s planned “pride” month assembly during which a school employee--presumably a leftwing teacher—would read a book to young children about families, including families with “two mommies” or “two daddies.” That didn’t sit well with many of the Armenian immigrant families who organized a protest, which took place on June 2. As always, the devil was lurking in the details.

Before I get to some of those devilish details, another and even more troubling story from the neighboring community of Glendale, California merits a few words.

Just a few days after the protest at Saticoy, Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) was also riven by a protest against ideological grooming—this one over a school policy officially recognizing June as “Pride Month.”

The hubris and hypocrisy of a school board unanimously taking a partisan leftist position on a controversial issue related to sexuality in a diverse community that includes many conservative taxpayers should be astonishing, but leftists, we have learned, are nothing if not hubristic and hypocritical. Imagine how leftists would respond if a school board voted unanimously to officially recognize May as Heteronormativity Pride Month. Unfortunately, that’s not all the bad news from GUSD. Thanks to Jordan Henry, a smart, articulate, and courageous community member, the story of GUSD’s foolish and treasonous Assistant Superintendent Kelly King, who is willing to betray children and her colleagues for a false and pernicious “gender” ideology, has come to light.

In a 2017 interview with the leftwing “LGBTQ” activist organization Gender Spectrum, King—who as of 2021 was being paid $2630,000 per year in total pay and benefits—smirks condescendingly about male coaches who object to biological female minors undressing in front of them in boys’ locker rooms. With a forked tongue, King says,

We have male coaches who are horrified at the thought of having a biological girl changing clothes in front of them. It’s not a girl. It’s not a girl. It’s not a girl. You only have boys in the boys’ locker room.

To be clear, King believes that adult male coaches who object to being in the presence of unclad minor girls are motivated by ignorance and fear.

For the obtuse among us: a biological girl is a girl, is a girl, is a girl. A biological girl is not and never can be a boy.

GUSD taxpayers should replace King with a college biology major. That would probably save them $163,000 per year.

King is not the only crazy leftist teaching in GUSD.

In May 2022, parents learned that in May 2021, GUSD third-grade teacher Tammy Tiber had shown her students two children’s videos that affirm leftist views on homosexuality and cross-sex impersonation, and she had plans to show two more.

Here is the non-objective video she was able to show before her indoctrination scheme was exposed:

Now Tiber—still a district teacher who makes as of 2021 $150,000 per year in total pay and benefits—marches arm-in-arm with Antifa in protests against conservative parents.

In mid-May 2023, a Hispanic mother of a freshman girl with a frontal lobe brain injury, spoke at a Glendale, CA City Council meeting to express her objections to her daughter being taught about the lesbian erotic activity called “scissoring” and to her daughter being called names by a teacher for the language crime of “misgendering.”

In a June 6 doozy of a school board meeting, one commenter who identified herself as a teacher in both GUSD and LAUSD—to which I say, “yikes”—said this (from 1:29:50-1:31:22):

I’m a teacher in the district. I’m also a teacher in LAUSD. … I work in the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with queer and trans youth in large groups. And so, I deal a lot with their trauma related to the heteronormative, Judeo-Christian, patriarchal, imperialist, capitalist system that oppresses them. … I’m not just here in support of our LGBTQ youth. … I’m in support of all Critical Race Theory, and diversity, equity, and inclusion training because white people participated, for example, in the largest social welfare program in the history of the United States, and yet now they throw their hands up in the air when we look at the housing crisis. And Armenians talk about the Armenian Genocide … but they don’t want to talk about the indigenous genocide of 1850 and the lack of reparations for black and indigenous people in this country. And … how dare you as marginalized people come here and you don’t want to talk about the oppressed trans youth. … You know, your kids aren’t even learning what they need to learn in this, that 1 in 2 will attempt suicide, and 95% know that they are trans by the time they are 3, 4, and 5 years old.

No, 50 percent of “trans”-identifying youth do not attempt suicide. The leftist, pro-cross-sex impersonation activist organization, the Trevor Project, claims that 1 in 5 “trans” and “non-binary” youth will attempt suicide. Everyone agrees that all teen suicide attempts are tragic, but not everyone agrees with what this teacher was implying. She was implying that opposition to “trans”-cultic beliefs and practices is the cause of suicide attempts, whereas many mental health experts believe that suicidal ideation and attempts are likely caused by other co-morbidities that plague gender-dysphoric boys and girls and often go unaddressed in the rush to “transition” them, which is a very profitable endeavor.

And no, 95 percent of “trans”-identifying youth do not “know that they are trans by the time they were 3, 4, or 5 years old.” In fact, the shocking explosion in “trans”-identifying youth is taking place among girls who aren’t discovering their “trans” identities until adolescence and after immersion in social media.

Historically, the very small minority of youth who experienced gender dysphoria were boys, upwards of 80 percent of whom eventually accepted their sex if parents engaged in “watchful waiting.”

Time and space don’t permit a thorough or even superficial response to this teacher’s bitter denunciation of heteronormativity, patriarchy, imperialist capitalism, or the Judeo-Christian system. Let’s just hope she’s not using her taxpayer-funded job to promote her beliefs.

Who am I kidding. The chances of her keeping her beliefs on race, sexuality, gender, capitalism, patriarchy, and Judeo-Christian beliefs out of the classroom are slim and fat.

Now, back to the devilish details crouched in LAUSD’s dark recesses.

Saticoy Elementary School has a full-time objectively female third grade/special education teacher who pretends to be male. Don’t bother looking for her on the faculty web pages. They’ve been scrubbed clean. It’s impossible to even find the teacher’s name online.

Well over a week before the start of interminable “pride” month, this cross-dressing teacher had placed a “trans” pride flag outside her classroom in a flowerpot—a communicative and political act obviously intended to shape the hearts and minds of impressionable young children.

She also admitted that she has “displayed other flags that have stirred some controversy,” including “a graphic from the internet of a Pride flag intermixed with the Armenian flag” which she then put on her classroom door—in the school where many conservative Armenian families send their children.

The school claims that on the weekend of May 20-21, someone broke into the school and allegedly burned the cross-dressing teacher’s partisan political flag. As of this writing, the alleged crime has not been solved.

On June 2, the day of the controversial “pride” month kick-off assembly, conservative parents kept their children home while they gathered out front to protest the ideological grooming of their kids. They held signs that said, “Leave our kids alone,” “Stop propaganda,” “Teach our kids math, science, and English,” and “Parental choice matters.”

According to the LA Times, one mother, an Armenian immigrant, said, “she was fed up with ‘propaganda,’ and was frustrated that her Saticoy third grader came home from school with rainbow stickers and other items last week.” The mother added, “‘I didn’t come from Armenia for this. … I came for freedom and for my children to learn about math and education, not about this.’”

The protest was peaceful until Antifa showed up and cloaked in their Antifa costumes began doing what they do best: agitating, instigating, confronting, and provoking.

In a press interview about the controversy, school board member Kelly Gonez dismissed the significance of reading a book about diverse families to young children by emphasizing how brief the mention of homosexuality was. Gonez also defended the book, by noting that two-daddy families exist in the school community.

Would Gonez be comfortable mentioning a family in which the parents were siblings—as long as the mention was brief? Would brief mention of poly parents be age-appropriate and acceptable as long as they exist in the school community?

While the love-is-love crowd believes homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality, others believe it’s morally equivalent to polyamory and consensual adult incest. While leftists believe cross-sex impersonation fosters mental health, others believe it harms individuals and society. Public school administrators, teachers, and board members have no ethical right to use public resources to promote arguable, subjective beliefs as inarguable, objective truths.


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