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Covid Origin Deniers & Insanity in Springfield

Good-bye to the most vulgar, identity-consumed ineffective mayor in Chicago’s history.

She called herself the Triple Threat because she was a Black - Gay - Woman. The costumes didn’t save her. She couldn’t bribe her way to victory. In the end, she lost because she did nothing. No one is better off in Chicago after her four years in office except the Chicago Teachers Union.

The Deniers

The country has been put through misery, mistrust, and malfeasance for the last three years. And it isn’t over - the COVID-19 pandemic and the government response to it will continue to have lasting effects on many of us. There was no American spared from the fallout of the virus. While some lived a relatively normal life depending on where their work and home were located, no one could insulate themselves from the trillions of dollars wasted by the government on the pandemic. We are all paying for the lockdowns, wasted procurement of masks and other medical items, and the vaccine, and our grandchildren will pay for it too.

Now three years later, the dam has busted wide open with the lies Americans were told by experts and officials. Dr. Marty Makary wrote this piece about the 10 Myths told by COVID experts – now debunked. I want to focus on his Misinformation #7: COVID originating from the Wuhan lab is a conspiracy theory

It was obvious to everyone except Fauci and other elitists that the source of the virus was a lab leak in Wuhan. From the very beginning, Dr. LiMeng Yan, whom I personally got to interview, claimed that the virus came from the Wuhan Virology Lab. She is the Chinese World Health Organization researcher who fled Hong Kong in fear for her life after she spoke out about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. She has never waivered from her remarks made early in 2020 that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Lab.

Now both the federal Department of Energy and the FBI are saying the same. DUH!

And is it a coincidence that all the truths about COVID are coming out in full four months after another major election. I don’t believe that’s a coincidence. It is foolish to believe that the DOE just finally in February put the finishing touches on their investigative report about the origins of COVID.

Dr. LiMeng Yan also claims that the leak from the lab is intentional. I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are a lot of people that deserve an apology for how they were treated for believing the virus originated in the Wuhan Lab. Jon Stewart said outwardly what anyone with commonsense thought.

Watch HERE this very funny sketch he does on the Colbert Show.

He, too, was vilified for believing that the virus came from the Lab. Read here.

Let’s remember, though, that if you said that the virus came from China, you were called a racist. When Trump called COVID-19 the China virus (just like we had Spanish Flu), the Democrats and the media called him racist.

Admiral Gilday, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), felt the same way. No criticism of the Chinese. No poking fun at them allowed.

In June 2020, Navy personnel were wearing the patch shown above with a picture of a bat on the top with the words “China’s Newest Carrier” and on the bottom a picture of the USS Gerald Ford and the words “America’s Newest Carrier”. When the CNO was tagged in a Twitter post about the patch, he immediately disallowed the patch and had the aviators wearing the patch counseled.

The patch was deemed inappropriate and unauthorized because it wasn’t approved by the commanding officer.

Here’s the rest of the story.

My son, a Navy pilot, made the patch. After I proudly posted a picture of the patch on Facebook, a Leftist Twitter troll posted it on Twitter and tagged the Chief of Naval Operations. Within 8 hours my son asked me to take it down as the CNO was threatening his chain of command with the firing of one of them if my post didn’t come down. Then he banned the patch from being worn. At the time I had made the post about the patch, 140 had been sold. Within 10 days of the CNO disallowing the patch, over 650 patches had been sold. Read about it here.

Three years later, the truth is that in 2020, the virus was China’s, Newest Carrier.


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