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DEI--Deception, Exclusion, Indoctrination--At Western Illinois University

Updated: Jan 19

Don’t think for a minute that race grifters who make bank on keeping racism alive through deception, exclusion, and anti-white indoctrination (DEI) are quietly riding into the sunset as parents and corporate boards have had it with their non-sense. Case in point: Western Illinois University’s (WIU) impending week from Jan. 17-Jan. 30 to celebrate the annual “National Day of Racial Healing.” Never heard of it? Well, that’s understandable. It only began in 2017.

One might have expected a National Day of Racial Healing after the lynching of Emmett Till, or after the Arkansas National Guard was called in to block the Little Rock Nine from attending Little Rock Central High School, or after the Selma to Montgomery marches for the right to vote, or after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Instead, the National Day of Racial Healing was socially constructed the year after the historic election and re-election of our nation’s first black president whose narcissistic wife proclaimed that she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life when America elected her hubby.

Obama’s tenure ushered in the heyday of the growing movement to persuade all of society that white people are oppressors, that racism against blacks and some browns is systemic, and that people should be judged—not by the content of their character, skills, or knowledge—but by the color of their skin (and erotic predilections).

So, here’s what Western Illinois University is offering its students this week:

  • WIU President Dr. Guiyou Huang, joined by Macomb Mayor Michal J. Inman, will present royal “proclamations commemorating the National Day of Racial Healing.”

  •  Chaplain Ron Pettigrew will lead a “Healing Circle” to discuss “how to heal from events happening in the world, our nation, our state, and our community.” One wonders if the discussion will include how to heal from mandatory DEI training and indoctrination.

  • Dr. Robert Hironimus-Wendt, WIU Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, will lead a presentation titled “Racism for White People.” Such an event is necessary because—according to the description—racism is almost always perceived as threatening to white people and because most of us put on our armor so to speak whenever such conversations involve whiteness, white privilege, white advantage, etc. … We need to make white people feel included and needed.” Label this, condescension in the service of “inclusion.”

  • Then there’s an event on “Xenophobia,” one on “Diversity Story Telling,” and one on “Immigration,” which will be led by Winter Unverzagt, Student Government Association Vice-President of Justice, Equity, and Inclusion who in November 2023, “participated in the ‘Work Permits for All’ Campaign, urging President Biden to approve work permits for long-term residents.”

The leftist reading list for racial “healing” week (available here) includes How To Be An Anti-racist by the racist Henry Rogers, also known as Ibram X. Kendi, whose “antiracism” scam at Boston University began unraveling in September.

WIU is not alone among public universities in promoting the leftist National Day of Racial Healing, aided and abetted by the American Library Association, which can be counted on to promote all things leftist. The State University of New York—Plattsburgh is hosting “healing circles” during which participants will “[deconstruct] racial narratives through Storytelling" and discuss ways of “Eliminating Implicit Bias and Strengthening Principled Policing," while doing "Breath work, Centering Practices and Guided Meditation" and "Healing Soul Wounds.”

“Healing soul wounds” seems a tall order for universities that can’t graduate students who know what sea and river they are chanting about as they march in support of terrorists who burn women and children alive.

The good news is state lawmakers are beginning to find their creaky spines, dust them off, and do something about public money being used to promote a sneaky partisan ideology masquerading as “justice” or “objective truth.” Laws are being proposed and passed banning various systemic incarnations of DEI bigotry.

A June 2023 article published on the Best Colleges website provides an overview of what is taking place legislatively in various states. The bad news is that with a supermajority of incompetent, ethically vacuous leftists in Springfield, nothing good is happening in Illinois.

Even in good red states, don’t think leftist DEI activists will see the writing on the wall or heed the anger of parents. Don’t think they will find something constructive to do to help children. Rather, they will scream “racist” louder and stomp their jackbooted feet while redoubling their efforts before the public slop trough from which they slurp dries up.




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