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Disturbing Content in Schools

WARNING – Graphic Content in My Opening Article:

Podcast from Highland Park Parent demanding metal detectors after a student brought a gun into school, Discussion about pensions, and my Reveille on Illinois' $1 billion cost for non-citizen healthcare – was it a personal gift for the sponsor of the enacting legislation three years ago?

Breakthrough Ideas has stepped up its game with original commentary on culture and education issues from Laurie Higgins. She does a masterful job of recapping and exposing the false arguments of the Left at a recent Elmhurst D205 school board meeting. Please read the entire article – and share it. If we share the information widely – and tell the whole story – perhaps we will have a more informed citizenry, and the lies and nonsense will stop.

Why is this important? The Left was very effective at labeling conservative school board candidates as book banners, and this week the Senate sent a bill to the Governor that would disallow any state grants to any library that “bans books.” But, the book banning that is happening is from the Left. And Laurie covered that bill in this article, Leftists Hide Their Book Banning.

But, here is what conservative parents are opposed to in their schools – explicit sexual content. Consider this passage from American Street in which a teen girl describes her sexual relationship with her boyfriend, which began when she was 12, and he was 17:

How am I a ho when I’ve only been with one dude my whole life? Dray took my virginity, and he’s still the same nigga I fuck with. For five years. How many hos can say that? You know, that’s the shit I don’t like about bitches.” … “You got busted while you were with a motherfuckin’ white girl?” … “Fuck you! Get the fuck outta my house!” … “Is she moving weight for you, or you just have her around to suck your dick every once in a while?

This book was proposed as curriculum for freshman English... WHAT??? If they want to call us book banners for opposing this filth, then I will call them sexual groomers and deviants for allowing this book in schools. I can’t imagine a teacher presenting this material. Read Laurie’s entire article. And then do something!

Pro-Obscenity Activists' Lousy Arguments

By Laurie Higgins

Our titular president, Joe Biden, made headlines for saying the quiet part out loud two years in a row. At the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year Celebration, he said,

We always talk about “these children.” They’re not someone else’s children. They’re our children. … You’ve heard me say it many times about “our children,” but it’s true: They’re all our children. … They’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.

He repeated this false claim again at this year’s Teachers of the Year Celebration.

In reality, students do not belong to their teachers, not even when they’re in class. Biden’s presumptuous claim is pervasive among leftists—especially propagandists who self-identify as “educators.”

And so, we find “educators” who claim to “honor all voices,” disrespecting parental objections to obscene novels and plays being purchased with taxpayer money and recommended or assigned to students. These “educators” and their leftist allies rename objections to obscene material in schools “book banning,” as Biden did in his disingenuous words at the 2022 teacher celebration:

[D]id you ever think … that you’d be worried about book burnings and banning books, all because it doesn’t fit somebody’s political agenda?

This demagogic claim glosses over the political agenda of teachers who select books based on their political agenda and raises the question, are there any books that should not appear in elementary, middle, or high school libraries or curricula?

If all restrictions on school library purchases and curricular selections constitute book-banning, then what do leftist “educators” mean when they refer to “age-appropriateness”?

If, on the other hand, some restrictions on content for minors are justifiable, how do leftists decide when justifiable restrictions morph into “book banning”? Read the entire article HERE.

More Disturbing Content in Schools:

The connection between the Freeport School District and Gavin Newsom.

Freeport School District 145 last year purchased school curriculum materials from Gavin Newsome’s wife’s non-profit, The Representation Project. D145 is one of 5,000 schools across the country to purchase the pornographic curriculum that Newsom’s wife’s company produces and sells. The Newsom’s are making lots of money off of the production and selling of the curriculum. It is scandalous! Follow the links below to understand the whole sordid relationship.

Adam Andrzejewski and his organization Open the Books broke the story on the Newsom’s and this curriculum and he also contacted D145 for a response about their purchase of the curriculum.

I asked Adam about the issue and in an email response from Adam to me he wrote:

… (a) whole school license for $510 at Freeport... both these films have pornographic content and Miss Representation film also stars the governor (Newsom).

Here is a link to our oversight and the content and pictures that you'll see in The Mask You Live In (pipeline to porn in the public schools -- see link below) and Miss Representation Project (upside down, nearly naked, animated strippers for 5th graders):

Direct link to the worst stuff:

Here was my interview breaking this story on Laura Ingraham's Angle:

Adam also shared the email he received from the school administration in response to his inquiry about the curriculum purchase. Here it is:

From: Greta Harrell <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 11:52 AM

To: Adam Andrzejewski <>

Subject: Re: Fw: FOIA REQUEST -- The Representation Project


Please see the attached documents. I contacted the school that ordered the material. The principal that actually ordered it is no longer in our district. The current principal didn't think that the material is still being used, but will check and let me know.

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for.


Greta Harrell

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/

Secretary to the Board of Education

Freeport School District 145


So, it seems that no one in leadership has followed through to see if the curriculum was presented or will be presented, or how come it was even purchased, and who authorized the purchase?

Another thing you should know about Freeport SD145 – only 14% of the students are at grade level in English Language Arts and only 12% are proficient in Math. This is depressing and appalling. So why aren’t they focused only on improving student understanding of core subjects rather than garbage like this?

A Freeport parent and/or legislator that represents the school should ask more questions.

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