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Don't Let Pritzker Take Schools Backward!

Masking Children Is Not the Answer!

Parents: Find Your Voice and Your Backbone

Don’t Let Your School Board Go Backwards and Reverse Mask Optional Policies


New CDC guidelines were issued July 27, 2021 stating: To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission. This applied regardless of vaccination status.

Now, everyone across the state is faced with fighting for masks optional in schools. Below is the information from DuPage County along with the specific comments from a local superintendent on his recommendation to have the school district go with masks optional. We support his analysis and the school board’s decision to go mask optional - and we will remind them their original analysis is still valid even in the wake of the CDC’s update.

Do the same in your school district! It is easy to find the same information for your local area and let your school board know how you feel.

Check out this CDC mapin the NE section of the state – no county is at high risk of transmission and only one (Will) is at substantial risk. Here is the data from DuPage County. Similar info can be found in most Northern Illinois counties:



1. The CDC, IDPH, ISBE – are only setting guidelines – not law. In every county, the local school board can make their own decisions on masking and vaccination policies.

2. The Delta variant while more transmissible is not more harmful.


3. Vaccines and mask wearing are available to all who want the protection.

4. Long term masking is harmful to children and masks do not work. Read 47 studies about their ineffectiveness and 32 studies about their harmful effects. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/47-studies-confirm-inefectiveness-of-masks-for-covid-and-32-more-confirm-their-negative-health-effects

5. Other states are mostly mask optional and some have mask mandate bans.

What You Can Do

  • Show up at your school board meeting – and plan to do so next month too. And sign in to give public comment.

  • EMAIL your school board members your concerns. Those who want masks are doing so. Members need to hear from those who want mask freedom for their children.

  • Share this information with other concerned residents.

  • Organize your friends to show up and speak up. Host a gathering of concerned parents, so they understand they are not alone.

  • Get on a school parent or citizen committee to be a watchdog

  • Report consequential statements made by school administrators and board members to let others know what is being said. Send to info@breakthrough-ideas.com

And did you know some school boards gave away their authority over mask decisions and other COVID-related decisions to the school superintendent? You cannot make this up!


Download and Print This Document Here:

Masking Children Is Not the Answer.docx
Download PDF • 2.16MB

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