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DuPage County Health Department Emails Point to Machine-Style Politics in the Suburbs

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DuPage County Health Department Emails Point to Chicago Machine-style Politics in the Suburbs

They are clearly threatened by any opposition - probably because they know just how fragile the house of cards they built in 2020 really is.

October 8, 2021 - A recent FOIA (see below) obtained by Breakthrough Ideas reveals that the Executive Director of the DuPage County Health Department, Karen Ayala, spent her official time perpetrating political lies concocted in an effort to discredit a small group of peaceful protestors in Glen Ellyn.

In the FOIA-ed email, Ayala appears to instruct state health department officials on messaging about those protesting the mask mandate, writing:

“All - this was our response in early August and we’ve not had further inquiries to us … Of course there have been the protestors, screaming at elementary students wearing masks walking to school chanting Hitler Youth, but otherwise clear… “ Notably, despite the repetition of these accusations, no substantiation of any of these accusations has ever materialized, because - of course - none exists.

The fact the 5-7 peaceful protestors in Glen Ellyn are top-of-mind for Karen Ayala, as well as the fact that she - verbatim - uses the talking points of the Glen Ellyn D41 school board President Bob Bruno in her email to IDHP officials, points to extensive political coordination between local offices - and the possible beginnings of a political machine in DuPage County. DuPage Democrats appear to be stealing a play from Chicago Democrats: run happy talk, glossy mailers and lies to cover up for corrupt and/or inept leadership with a singular focus on protecting their own power.

It is additionally worth noting that under Ayala’s leadership, the competency of the DuPage County Health Department has already been called into question. Last month, 200 residents at the DuPage County Care Center were tested for COVID after one staff member tested COVID positive. Sixty came back positive. Fortunately, the staff was skeptical about the results because they had used a new, unproven COVID test recommended by the County. The staff retested the residents. This time, ZERO tests came back positive.

Had it been left to Ayala, the county would be reporting at least 60 erroneous test results. False information is - obviously - counterproductive to combatting the coronavirus and any other infectious disease.

Breakthrough Ideas stated:

This new FOIA clearly shows that DuPage County Democrats are conspiring - on taxpayer time - against the people they have been elected to serve in order to present a false narrative about Covid in DuPage County and to slander those who question their authority on the issue. They are clearly threatened by any opposition - probably because they know just how fragile the house of cards they built in 2020 really is.



For more information contact Kathleen Murphy, President Breakthrough Ideas, 630-329-4680 or kathleen@breakthrough-ideas.com

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