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Female Impersonators Win Gold and Silver in Women's Championship in Illinois

You can’t make up the stuff that happens in Illinois or in women’s sports.

Two men—Michael Johnson and “Evelyn” Williamson—who pretend to be women stole the gold and silver medals from women in a women’s division of the 2023 Illinois State Cyclocross Championships held Sunday Dec. 4, 2023 in Chicago. Bronze medal winner Kristin Chalmers was the actual woman who was robbed of the gold.

Johnson—whose fake-girly name is “Tessa”—has now stolen his tenth gold medal in women’s events in just 2023.

He and Williamson are rampaging their way through women’s cycling events. In August, 2023, the deceitful duo competed in two women’s cycling events in Illinois, one of which was a two-man—er, I mean two-“woman” relay. Their team was named “TS-Estrodolls,” which is an in-your-face reference to their estrogen-doping masquerade. “TS” stands for “transgender woman” and “estrodoll” stands for estrogen (estradiol), which Johnson and Williamson must take to kinda, sorta, maybe pass as women.

Williamson has stolen eighteen first-place titles from women over the past six years, but apparently he struggles to figure out if he’s a woman or man. According to Reduxx, in 2020, Williamson competed in both women’s and men’s events “at the Sky Express Winter Criterium. In the Women’s Pro category, he placed first out of 13 racers. In the Men’s category, he did not place at all in a race comprised [sic] of 40 men.”

The Daily Mail reported that Williamson was part of a three-person erotic relationship—a “throuple”—that included yet another male cyclist who pretends to be a woman: Austin Killips, who was raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

In December 2022, Killips was credibly accused of using his bike to shove female competitor Hannah Arensman off the track at least three times, after which 35-time national cyclocross-winner Arensman retired due to the unjust, indefensible presence of men in women’s competitions.

Biology matters. It matters in restrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, prison cells, and sports. It matters in marriage. Biology is not subordinate to “gender identity,” a socially constructed idea and invented term denoting subjective, immaterial, mutable feelings—nothing more than feelings. Biology is not subordinate to “gender identity” even if “trans”-cultists proclaim it is.

Pronouns do not correspond to “gender identity” even if “trans”-cultists proclaim they do.

And Johnson, Williamson, and Killips are not women even if they wish they were, pretend they are, or proclaim they are. Biology is real and matters.

By hook or by crookedness, leftists ruin everything to which they set their twisted minds. And now we await the day when all women’s sports records will be held by men and every person standing on award podiums for women’s events will be men. Won’t that day be special.


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