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Governor Pritzker's Misinformation, Distortion, and Shock over the Opposition to The Gotion Deal.

Updated: Oct 16

Governor Pritzker is SHOCKED that people are justifiably opposed to him dealing out a half-billion-dollar subsidy to a Chinese company, so he is fighting back and his Democrat media buddies are helping.

The misinformation, distortions, and failure to tell both sides are predictable. The latest comes via a Rich Miller column in the Chicago Sun-Times. He is a parasite in Springfield politics; he feeds off of insiders, on both sides, giving him information on a variety of happenings from negotiations on bills to caucus politics before anyone else has the information. Legislators feed him, so they don’t get eaten for lunch on his gossip site.

His column discusses a memo from Senate Republicans to the Governor about their concerns over the Gotion deal. Someone leaked it to him. Here is a screenshot of it.

About that letter and concerns over the Gotion deal that I and others have written about, Rich Miller wrote:

Elements of the far right, including former state Rep. Jeanne Ives and various newsletters and social media forums, have essentially claimed that Communists are using taxpayer funds to build some sort of spy base, or use it to promote CCP activities, or something. It’s not totally clear what. The state GOP claimed the plant would be built “right next to a military base,” which isn’t true unless you count National Guard and Army Reserve camps in that category… Senate Republicans expressed their own concerns in what was supposed to be a private letter to Gov. J.B. Pritzker last week, which I obtained. Gotion is based in California, but its parent company was founded in China and has standard language in its Chinese charter about how it will “carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

And then he added:

Man, what I wouldn’t give to see Chinese commies try to organize a cell in Manteno. That would be a hoot.

This is what idiots write when they have no skin in the game. Let’s face it, neither Rich Miller nor Governor Pritzker give a damn about national security or those training right now to defend against the Communist Chinese threat.

So, it’s no surprise Miller, the Governor, and others who think this is the deal of the century are ignoring the center point – Gotion is a state-owned company of China whose leadership is part of the Chinese Communist Party. ANY money going to a Chinese company is going to also fund the CCP, our nation’s number one threat – economically and militarily.

They could care less that Gotion profits will go back to a country that FBI director Wray said this about, “There is no country that presents a broader, more severe threat to our innovation, our ideas and our economic security than China does,

In that speech from February 2022, Wray warned that China’s economic espionage has reached a new level, “more brazen, more damaging than ever before.”

But, go ahead Miller and Pritzker – fund our enemy when you are insulated from policy decisions like this because they don’t affect you personally and you are only looking for an economic win of any kind to any company because you refuse to address the underlying problems with attracting business in this state. But people who have served in uniform to protect against our military enemies or have kids serving in uniform now are disgusted that tax dollars are going to any company with direct ties to the CCP.

Here, again, is the Gotion leader, to whom Pritzker is giving the largest TAXPAYER deal in decades.

Here’s what else the CCP is up to:

  • Unleashing COVID-19

  • Spying on Americans – just a sampling

  1. Here’s a timely reminder – Sen . Feinstein and her Chinese Spy driver

  2. The Spy Ballon

  3. Chinese Spy Convicted Ji Chaoqun, a Chinese national who came to the US to study electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2013 and later enlisted in the US Army Reserves, was arrested in 2018.

  4. Dem Congressman and his Chinese Spy girlfriend

  5. September 2023 Headline: Former FBI Agent McGonigal Takes Cash From Chinese Agent -Shuts Down Investigation Into Biden CCP Connections

  • Stealing Technology

  • Country of Particular Concern for violation of religious/human rights

  • Producing Illicit Fentanyl

Other national security and business experts are very concerned about this deal and similar ones in Michigan. On my Sunday show tonight you will hear from Congressman Darin LaHood, who taped a segment with me on Friday. He said that the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party will be looking into the Gotion Illinois deal and that he and the Committee’s Chairman are considering having a committee field hearing in Kankakee.

Rich Miller and Governor Pritzker would wave the white flag in an instant to save their asses - country be damned.

On Monday, in Manteno, residents and members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus will have a press conference about the Gotion plant. Also speaking will be Nick Iacovella from Coalition for a Prosperous America who has warned about the Chinese intent to takeover the EV battery market and drive out all other competition. And the Honorable Pete Hoekstra, who was US Ambassador to the Netherlands and US Congressman from Michigan. He served on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and will discuss the national security concerns of the Gotion deal. (But I’m sure Rich Miller knows better.)

All are invited to attend the press conference.

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