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How a Grinchy, Creepy Illinois Native is Stealing Christmas

Glen Ellyn, Westchester, and Brookfield, Illinois parents may want to keep their little ones out of the children’s section of their public libraries during the holiday season, at least if they don’t want to explain why Santa is married to a man.

Librarians in those libraries have chosen to use taxpayer funds to purchase the book Santa’s Husband written by Oak Park Native and far-leftist Daniel Kibblesmith, an aging Millennial who graduated from two hotbeds of “progressivism”: Oak Park and River Forest High School and Columbia College in Chicago.

This purportedly “clever,” “heartfelt,” “witty,” “sweet,” “charming,” and “delightful” picture book tells the perverse story of Mr. and Mr. Claus, by depicting two men "sitting by the fire at their cozy North Pole home, vacationing at the beach, having an occasional disagreement, celebrating their wedding day, and comforting each other when some loudmouth people on television angrily dispute Santa’s appearance and lifestyle.

As culturally astute readers may have anticipated, Santa is black and his pretend-husband is white. Nothing like a little tokenism to get toddlers into the holiday spirit—tokenism and cultural appropriation.

Santa Claus is based on the Greek monk St. Nicholas who was born in Asia Minor and whose Dutch name, Sinter Klaas, eventually became Santa Claus. He was noted for his concern for the poor, generosity, and commitment to theological orthodoxy, having been imprisoned for a night after slapping the heretic Arius at the Council of Nicaea.

Unless Kibblesmith considers Greeks to be black, he has engaged in the leftist-forbidden act of cultural appropriation.

Kibblesmith has also appropriated elements of the Christian tradition and done so by insulting Christianity in the most egregious ways—ways that it’s doubtful he would employ to insult, for example, Muslim traditions.

Oh, but that’s not all. According to the Amazon summary, Kibblesmith covers other leftist precepts:

In the weeks before Christmas, Santa’s husband helps with all the pre-Christmas work, from double-checking lists, to feeding the reindeer (organic gluten-free grains, of course).

Kibblesmith writes with all the lilting language of a commie political tract, saying that Mr. Claus helps Santa “negotiate labor disputes with the elves in his workshop. They have a spectacular dental plan.”

In addition to pleading for unions, didact Daniel Kibblesmith moralizes that spouses must help with “all” housework, lest anyone slip into any retrograde division of labor as one might find in a sexually complementary family structure.

And, he just couldn’t resist tossing in an odd allusion to climate change: “Each year, it seems to get a little warmer.” There is no age too young to start fomenting irrational climate terror.

Kibblesmith exploits American society’s unhealthy worship of celebrity to reinforce in the hearts of children how fabulous the marriage of two men is:

Santa and his husband have been married in their hearts for a long time, but it wasn’t yet official. So, it was a big day when they finally tied the knot. Everyone was there. … Even a few celebrities showed up!”

Same-sex “weddings” must be cool if celebrities show up!

In an effort to render same sex unions identical to sexually complementary unions, Kibblesmith writes,

Like any married couple, they had their disagreements. But they always managed to kiss and make up. … As long as children believe in the magic of Christmas, there will always be a Santa Claus. And as long as there is a Santa Claus, he will have a man waiting for him at home who loves him.

These sentences illuminate the cunning of leftists. They disingenuously claim their picture books about same-sex erotic relationships have nothing whatsoever to do with “sex.” Technically, they aren’t lying. They’re eliding. They’re deliberately omitting something critical to any discussion of love.

They’re pretending that books like Santa’s Husband are solely about love, ignoring the fact that there are different types of love and that the type depicted in Santa’s Husband is erotic love, central to which—in homosexual relationships—is sexual activity.

They sneak homoeroticism into the tender hearts and malleable minds of children when they’re too young to understand it conceptually. Then when they are able to understand it conceptually, the indoctrination is well underway. Mission accomplished. Damage done.

Dogmatic didact Daniel, former staff writer for the bitter Stephen Colbert, is married to another far-leftist, Jennifer Wright, former political editor at large for Harper’s Bazaar, who is, not surprisingly, rabidly pro-human slaughter. She believes that society should celebrate women who feel no shame after having their offspring killed.

Just after Santa’s Husband was published, Wright tweeted,

Periodically, when alt-right people insult my insanely successful, kindhearted, professionally funny husband, I think about how if we had not met, he would be swimming in so much supermodel pussy he'd need a snorkel.

Not to be outdone in offensiveness, in July 2022, her children’s book author hubby posted this on Instagram:

These are the kind of people leftists view as suitable role models for children. And these are the kind of corrupt ideologues who teach in our public schools.

Remember the good old days when children’s book authors wrote picture books with non-controversial themes appropriate for innocent minds? Remember the days when leftists insisted that all that homosexuals wanted was the right to indulge their sexual peccadilloes in the privacy of their own bedrooms? Remember the days when Christmas was about the birth of Christ and self-giving sacrifice? Those were the days, my friends. We thought they’d never end.

So, we became lazy and complacent. We ignored signs and warnings. And now we have a Christmas picture book purchased with public money that positively portrays a type of relationship that Christ abhors and that mocks marriage.

Public libraries are no longer safe spaces for children.

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