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Illinois’ Green New Energy Laws Threaten Our Way of Life – Politicians Refuse to Listen to Reason

The Statue of Liberty, depicted frozen solid in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow."

The rest of the world may be waking up to the climate crisis hoax, but not Illinois politicians. In just the last two weeks, news has come out about prominent scientists including a Nobel Prize winner debunking the claims about a global warming crisis. Even the mainstream media is reporting on this. Here from MSN:

  • “Esteemed physicist and 2022 Nobel Prize winner Dr. John Clauser recently stated he does not believe there is a man-made global warming crisis.

  • Scientist and Weather Channel founder John Coleman also championed his belief that “there is no significant man-made global warming” before his death in 2018.

  • Most recently, American climatologist Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology says this so-called scientific consensus is “manufactured.”

But Illinois is going to try to shut down fossil fuels in Illinois anyway. Pritzker and company won’t succeed – because there is no alternative that compares in cost and reliability and environmentally friendliness, from beginning to end, than coal and natural gas - but, they will try and in the process waste loads of taxpayer money.

Every Illinois politician should read the WSJ article, Peter Huntsman Is a CEO Who Doesn’t Equivocate About Climate from this weekend’s edition. In it, they would hear from a real truth teller on the usefulness and necessity of fossil fuels. Peter Huntsman “is president, CEO, and chairman of Huntsman Corp., a multinational chemical manufacturing company. He has adopted a policy of brutal honesty about climate alarmism and its destructive potential.”

Why can’t Illinois politicians understand these simple truths? Here are a few excerpts:

  • “Think about the year 1970,” Mr. Huntsman says. “That’s the year we hit a trillion-dollar GDP, and the year Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote that great song ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ A great year, right? Well, today we’re emitting roughly 6,500 million metric tons of CO2. Same thing we were emitting in 1970. And look how much more electricity we’re using, and look how many more transportation and miles we’re driving. We’ve expanded the economy 30 times over, nearly, and core CO2 has stayed flat. We should be celebrating this achievement, shouldn’t we?”

  • “…he began to think about other dire predictions that had people panicked not long ago. “In the ’70s we were going into an ice age. Then we went to acid rain—in six or seven years that was going to destroy all the oak trees and pine trees, and New England would be this deforested area. Then the ozone was going to disappear. And then we got to global warming, and we were all going to fry to death.” None of that jibed with the real world…

  • “I speak from time to time in colleges,” Mr. Huntsman says. “I occasionally get students who say to me, ‘We’re boycotting your industry.’ I tell them, ‘Well, everything from your skateboard to your iPhone, to your clothes, to all those earrings, the makeup you’re wearing, everything—you are a customer. Thank you.’ They think the chemical industry is just plastic bags.”

  • Mr. Huntsman gestures around the office. “Everything—from the lighting to the paint to the glass, the furniture, the ink on this paper—everything in here comes from petroleum or is tempered by petroleum or powered by it. And look, I’m anxious to get beyond petroleum, but how are we going to do it? What’s the game plan? And how do we do it without screwing the bottom 80% of the world, who just try to make it day to day?”

Instead of listening to practitioners, politicians are falsely blaming the horrific Maui fires on climate change when it was likely climate hysteria that was a precipitating cause of the fire as the local electrical company focused resources on renewable energy instead of line maintenance.

Looking ahead, will Illinois destroy productive farmland for green energy fantasies only to import fossil fuel energy from other states? The answer is yes unless voters and businesses start speaking up loudly. Because again – the Progressives have taken over.


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