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Illinois has become a crazy state. And it is about to get worse unless you help stop it.

The Taliban are back in charge in Afghanistan with billions of dollars of our military equipment, wide-open borders allowing terrorists and criminals to come in unchecked, sanctuary states and cities protecting persons illegally, and rogue prosecutors not enforcing our laws – How safe are we?

Illinois has become a crazy state. And it is about to get worse unless you help stop it.

Hopefully, readers are now aware of the Not Safe Illinois SAFE-T Act that passed in the middle of the night of January 2021 and which takes full effect on January 1, 2023. This week national media picked up on the outrageous provisions of the bill.

Most likely, you were mailed a newspaper that spoke about the provisions of the SAFE-T Act and included mug shots of suspects held in jail for serious crimes that will most likely be released because the SAFE-T Act forces their release in most cases. It also had this sidebar on Non-Detainable Offenses. That pictograph went viral across the nation. My sister in South Dakota and my brother in Omaha both asked me about it.

Many States Attorneys and other public safety professionals have called for its repeal. States Attorney Jim Glasgow, a Democrat from Will County, went so far as to say that every candidate should be asked to repeal the act, and if it isn’t repealed, it “literally means the end of times.”

  • We are hosting a big town hall on the topic with top experts in the judicial system. It is a free event and I highly encourage everyone to join us on October 13th at the Abbington in Glen Ellyn, beginning at 7:00 pm. See our flyer to RSVP.

Another Alarming Bill – Amendment 1

This bill is so crazy not even California has passed this legislation. It is a radical anti-business and anti-taxpayer proposal commonly referred to as Amendment 1.

It is called Amendment 1 because it will be the first question to appear on the ballot under the title “Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution”. Voters must reject this Amendment by voting No. If 60% of voters approve the change, it will be lights out in Illinois.

This Amendment is the top priority for the unions. They call the proposal a “Workers’ Rights Amendment,” but what it would do is enshrine in our Illinois Constitution super-rights for public sector unions and make all other taxpayers subservient to union demands.

Illinois Policy Institute summed it up best, stating that Amendment 1 would be the first constitutional provision of its kind in the nation. It would make organizing and bargaining a “fundamental right”, allow negotiations over limitless subjects, prohibit lawmakers from limiting union power, and ban right-to-work.

This Amendment is supported by public sector unions, including the Chicago Teachers Union, AFSCME Council 31, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, Teamsters Joint Council 25, and others.

It was opposed by business groups, including the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Technology & Manufacturing Association, and Associated Builders and Contractors.

Here’s what’s even more interesting – Tennessee is proposing the OPPOSITE of AMENDMENT 1.

Fork in the Labor Road

The contrasting approaches to labor policy could not be more vivid.

Tennessee is pushing for ‘Right-to-Work,’ which simply means that a union cannot get a worker fired for not paying union dues. Illinois goes further than eliminating the chance for Right-to-Work.

The approval of Amendment 1 would essentially allow government unions to veto any legislation that gives the workers and taxpayers more power.

We have BIG ISSUES facing us this November. Amendment 1 must be defeated and legislators who will repeal the SAFE-T Act must be elected. Signs, bumper stickers, and handouts are coming soon.

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