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Illinois Lawmaker Seeks to Destroy Parental and Religious Rights--and Children

Updated: Feb 15

The astonishing and morally repugnant bill (HB 4876) that was just introduced in Springfield represents a new low even for the evil cabal of women who rule Springfield with un-maternal fists.

If passed, HB 4876 would amend the “Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act” by redefining “abused child” to include children whose parents do not consent to their minor daughters undergoing abortions and who do not consent to their minor children receiving chemical or surgical treatments to conceal their sex (known deceitfully by leftists as “gender-affirming services).

The bill’s sponsor, Naperville resident Representative Anne Stava-Murray, has also sponsored virtually every bill aimed at harming children and eroding parental rights since she was first elected in 2019. She made headlines during her campaign for saying that Naperville’s “history of white supremacist policies is ongoing. I’m working to change them at a state level now and hope to at a federal level. Brick by brick. As it turns out, Naperville's alleged history of white supremacism isn't the only thing she wants to dismantle brick by brick.

Stava-Murray—a Dartmouth alumna—provides yet more evidence of the worthlessness of the Ivy League in cultivating character. 

Stava-Murray’s bill also amends “the Consent by Minors to Health Care Services Act,” specifying that the legal right to consent to have an abortion, to stop puberty, to take dangerous cross-sex hormones, or to have one’s sexual anatomy mutilated is not “voidable” based on the patient’s minor age.

Curiously, the “Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act” explicitly prohibits “Female Genital Mutilation,” so, under Stava-Murray’s bill, minor girls would not have the right to consent to having their clitorises surgically severed, but they would have the right to have their breasts surgically severed without parental consent.

To ensure that minors are able to have their offspring killed and their bodies mutilated, Stava-Murray seeks to remove any and all potential obstacles. She includes a provision that frees health care professionals from any and all civil or criminal liability or professional discipline for their “failure to obtain valid consent.” All that’s necessary for medical quacks and profiteers to get off scot-free is the word of minors that they consent.

This bill is a two-fer for leftists: It both harms children and erodes parental rights.

Big Brother Stava-Murray’s insane bill is based on and implicitly advances a set of unstated assumptions that leftists believe are inarguable, objective facts:  

·         It is based on the erroneous assumption that the product of conception between two humans is not a human.

·         Or it is based on the erroneous assumption that some humans are more equal than others. Imperfect humans; less developed humans; unloved and unwanted humans; inconvenient humans, and weaker humans have fewer rights—i.e., less privilege—than the privileged and powerful.

·         It is based on the erroneous assumption that biological sex is subordinate to subjective feelings about one’s biological sex in every context.

·         It is based on the erroneous assumption that the risky chemical disruption of normal, natural, healthy biological processes—which turns healthy children into lifelong medical patients—and cosmetic procedures to conceal sex constitute “health care.”  

·         It is based on the erroneous assumption that minor children have the capacity to make life-changing decisions wisely and independently.

Before you contact your representative—which you should do, especially if you have the misfortune of being represented by Stava-Murray—there’s something else you should know about the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act. It includes a long list of "mandated reporters.” Mandated reporters, who must report suspected abuse and neglect to authorities, includes the following:

Physicians; residents; interns; hospitals, hospital administrators and personnel engaged in examinations, and care and treatment of persons; surgeons; dentists; dentist hygienists; osteopaths; chiropractors; podiatrists, physician assistants, substance abuse treatment personnel; funeral home directors or employees; coroners; medical examiners; emergency medical technicians; acupuncturists; crisis line or hotline personnel; school personnel (including administrators and both certified and non-certified school employees); educational advocates assigned to a child pursuant to the School Code; members of a school board or the Chicago Board of Education or the governing body of a private school; truant officers, social workers, social services administrators; domestic violence program personnel, registered nurses; licensed practical nurses; genetic counselors; respiratory care practitioners; advanced practice nurses; home health aides; directors or staff assistants of nursery schools or child day care centers; recreational program or facility personnel; law enforcement officers; licensed professional counselors; licensed clinical professional counselors; registered psychologists and assistants working under the direct supervision of a psychologist, psychiatrist, or field personnel of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Juvenile Justice, Public Health, Human Services, Corrections, Human Rights, or Children and Family Services, supervisors and administrators of general assistance under the Illinois Public Aid Code; probation officers; any foster parents, homemakers or child care workers, and any members of the clergy.

If passed, thousands of Americans, including priests, pastors, rabbis, and imams, in violation of their own religious convictions will be compelled by law to report parents who do not consent to facilitating feticide and perverse medical efforts to violate the bodily integrity of minor children.

Imagine this: A 13-year-old girl tells her pastor that she identifies as a boy, but her parents won't let her take hormones. If this bill passes, religious leaders will be legally required to report the girl's parents to Big Brother and his minions.


Illinois parents who won’t consent to their minor sons taking estrogen or their minor daughters having double mastectomies better skedaddle out of Illinois while they can.

The evil cabal in Springfield (and other legislative bodies around the country) will not rest until they’ve destroyed religious rights, parental rights, and children.





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