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Illinois School District Hires Mentally and Morally Unfit Man to Teach Young Kids

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

“Trust the experts.”  How often have you heard that from leftist educrats? Well, here’s yet another fine mess a community is embroiled because they trusted educrats.

Homer Consolidated School District 33C (Homer CCSD 33C), which serves Homer Glen and Lockport, Illinois, is in the midst of a maelstrom of its own making over hiring Kristopher Martin (Kris Robin on social media) to teach art at four district elementary schools.

Disturbing social media posts from Martin, a man who refers to himself by female pronouns, have come to light that expose not only his unfitness for teaching but also the shocking ineptitude of district leaders. Here are just a few of Martin’s twisted posts that justifiably trouble district parents. These posts were captured before Martin scrubbed his social media presence.

The shirt he is wearing is one of the products by the cross-dressing woman/Satan worshipper that got Target into some hellishly hot water in June.

Only a deeply troubled person—someone who should never teach children of any age--would share this post as Martin did.

Martin is threatening Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that he will bring Satanic prayer to public schools.

Despite what leftists who are either members of the “trans” cult or collaborators with it believe, parents are justified in opposing their young children being in the presence of and taught by a man who holds delusional “trans”-cultic beliefs. Teachers serve as role models, and a man who believes he is a woman is a lousy role model for children.

This points to the reason so many cross-dressers and homosexuals want to teach in schools. They know their presence in the classroom, their friendships with young children, and their open discussions of their sexual and “gender” peccadillos shape how children view cross-sex identification and homosexuality. In other words, their presence in the classroom and relationships with children serve the goal of ideologically grooming students. Young children with malleable moral compasses view teachers they like and admire as paragons of virtue. It’s difficult for children to acknowledge that someone they like and admire might also engage in egregiously destructive and immoral acts. Young children tend to believe that everything their kind and friendly teachers do is good and right.

While many parents are trying to teach their young children to honor, respect, and trust police officers who put their own lives at risk to protect citizens, Martin hurls obscenities and BLM accusations at police. While many parents want their children to love and honor God, Martin worships and prays to Satan. Further, in this time when school violence is at historic levels, parents are justified in their opposition to the district hiring a man who publicly admits he suffers from bipolar disorder with mania and psychosis that have led him to engage in violent and hurtful acts. Being sympathetic to his suffering does not require elementary schools to hire him. And school leaders who ignore a social media post that acknowledges a history of violence are foolish and irresponsible.

Did those Homer CCSD 33C leaders who hired Martin search his social media posts? If not, why not? If they did search them and saw these troubling posts, how did they rationalize ignoring them?

Prior to being hired by Homer CCSD 33C, Martin taught art at Worth Elementary School in Worth, Illinois, which is just a stone’s throw from the Homer Glen/Lockport communities. What did the Worth Elementary School leaders know about Martin? Did they know about his social media posts?

Parents are learning that many educrats are not experts and cannot be trusted. Homer CCSD school board members will likely hear that at the next board meeting on August 22, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at the Administration Center, 15733 Bell Road.


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