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Lighting Up the Media: Cuomosexual

By Kathleen Murphy

This is Breakthrough Ideas ‘Lighting Up the Media.’

Don’t be seduced. When the media and celebrities try to get us to fall for a politician, it typically doesn’t end well.

Case in point, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He covered up thousands of COVID-19 nursing home deaths. But his style was a counter to President Trump. So, he was hailed as a hero and covered for in the press at every turn.

New York Times’ media columnist Ben Smith called Cuomo “the executive best suited to the coronavirus.”

In the 2020 Presidential Primary, social media buzzed that Cuomo would be a better candidate than Joe Biden. His approval ratings soared amid the COVID crisis, despite the fact that New York still leads the country in COVID deaths.

Sarah Silverman gushed over him.

Jada Pinkett Smith called Cuomo her celebrity crush.

Cher tweeted, “I’m in love with Andrew Cuomo”

Chelsea Handler said she was, “Pretty hot for Andrew Cuomo.” Ew.

And it wasn’t just the ladies! For a time, #Cuomosexual was trending.

This was BEYOND an issue of bias. Incredibly influential people were publicly and obscenely swooning over a politician because he represented a contrast to someone they hated. They were trying to seduce you into falling blindly in love with him.

And the activists over at CNN outdid them all. Rather than grill the Governor of New York, the network hosted “Meet the Family” and had his BROTHER interview him. A conflict of interest. Journalism 101.

Nine times between March 19 and June 24 of 2020, the governor appeared on his brother’s show. They discussed pressing issues like who was mom’s favorite, if the governor was “single and ready to mingle” and then there was this gem:

As that conversation took place, thousands of people had died or were dying.

Politicians enact public policy. Policy impacts lives. The people who died in those nursing homes weren’t just numbers. Meteorologist Janice Dean’s mother- and father-in-law BOTH died of COVID in New York nursing homes. Her comments speak to the despair felt over tragedy being ignored in favor of a narrative:

Who you elect matters. And honest coverage of what they’re doing matters.

Unfortunately, right now, we can’t count on honest coverage. That’s why it’s important in politics (as in love) to keep your head on straight, and to remember politicians are only a means to a policy end - no matter how many boxes they check.

It’s not as sexy, but holding the powerful in limited esteem - which is, honestly, the most they’ve collectively earned - will put bounds on the leeway we’re willing to give them, as well as the B.S. we’re willing to accept from them.

And, in the end, that just might save you from a truly significant heartache.

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