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MEDIA: Breakthrough Ideas: New Concept in Political Advocacy

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Breakthrough Ideas: New Concept in Political Advocacy

“We built quite a bit of suburban infrastructure to push back on the far-Left during my 2020 race. If we just let it all go away, we’re back to square one.”

February 23, 2021 – With a fresh take on how to bring together and educate networks of suburban voters and students, former state representative Jeanne Ives and Kathleen Murphy, a Republican communication strategist, have co-founded Breakthrough Ideas, a 501c4 organization. Today, Breakthrough Ideas, officially launched its web platform with a channel trailer, titled “Breakthrough.

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“Most people aren’t happy with the current state of affairs in this country and in our state. But we can’t just sit around and complain about the unfair tactics of our opponents. That hasn’t worked,” said CEO Jeanne Ives. “We need to take a new approach, organize and present our case with more frequency. A lot of the ground was already laid for Breakthrough Ideas because of our past work. We built quite a bit of suburban infrastructure to push back on the far-Left during my 2020 race. If we just let it all go away, we’re back to square one.”

“We’re growing a network that is focused on the interests of suburban families, businesses and other organizations. That requires being more prolific. COVID forced us to build our own media platform in the 2020 race in order to reach people. We’re taking what we learned, building it out and offering that same capability to taxpayer-focused advocates,” said President Kathleen Murphy.

Breakthrough Ideas also features a youth program that seeks to empower the next generation of leaders. Additionally, the organization will conduct grassroots projects and comprehensive messaging research.

“We are off to a great start,” said Ives. “Join us as we Breakthrough!”


Channel Trailer Transcript

When division threatens everything America stands for.

When our political class wants to keep us ignorant and dependent.

When our corporate media thrives on conflict, profits from panic, pushes bias and misinformation.

When anger, distrust, and violence, are the rule rather than the exception.

When we start stripping Abraham Lincoln’s name off schools.

We don’t just need change.

We need a breakthrough.

When the people we put our trust in fail us, again and again,

but instead of holding the powerful accountable, we play their game of us versus them, vilifying our neighbors, or arguing with family members, we need to break out of the boxes they’ve put us in, break down the barriers between us, and break through to a better, stronger, more unified America.

Because We The People are the ones in charge.

America is about free speech, free markets, and free minds.

If we demand facts over fraud, results over rhetoric, and prosperity over promises,

If we educate and activate,

Analyze and organize,

We the People of the United States can break through the lies, and break through the division.

Because politics isn’t about power or personality, it’s about what’s right for our families, and what works for our community.

We can come back together, but we need to take a new look at old ideas.

Because moving to the next level requires a breakthrough.

On this channel, we will expose the lies that divide us, and explore ideas to advance us.

Hit ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe,’ to break through with us.


For more information, visit breakthrough-ideas.com.

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