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Nancy Pelosi's Wall

By Jeanne Ives

It’s Reveille!

And this morning, US military troops are waking up again to spend their day guarding a THREE mile long perimeter around our nation’s Capitol.

Looking from the National Mall towards the front of the Capitol, there isn’t just one wall, there are actually THREE layers of fencing, with the outer ring about a half-mile from the Capitol lawn which just a few years ago was teeming with cheering crowds during the visit of Pope Francis.

A more fortified barrier would be tough to find at most stateside military installations.

As someone who served in the military, I can only imagine the tedium that must have set in by now as guardsmen and women, on temporary duty and drawn away from their homes, stare out from behind fencing watching empty streets for hours at a time. Waiting for some undefined attack from a disgruntled Trump supporter that will not materialize.

Many of them know they are pawns in a political charade being perpetrated on America by Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat party.

Like most Americans, they are aware overly zealous Trump supporters wrongfully and illegally entered the Capitol January sixth, but there is no indication that his supporters should be considered domestic terrorists.

No matter, in order to vilify political opponents, Pelosi’s charade must go on.

And President Biden and his Secretary of Defense, Retired General Lloyd Austin are playing along. The SecDef’s mandatory “Stand Down” training to tackle Extremism in the military breeds resentment and is demoralizing to troops who signed up to willingly serve their country. Americans should reject Group guilt and suspicion at every turn.

The Left has gone too far. Symbolism matters - Which is why Pelosi’s Wall needs to come down. Opening up the grounds of our Republic and stopping the witch hunts in the military would be a first start to unifying the nation.

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas and this was your wake-up call America. Find out more at Breakthrough-Ideas.com

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