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Questions for Naperville 203

By Kathleen Murphy

This is Breakthrough Ideas Lighting Up the Media.

Last week, it was reported by a conservative website that Naperville School District 203 required staff to attend “anti-racism” training.

A whistleblower sent quotes from the keynote speaker and the nine “anti-racist” coaches to The Federalist, including slides asserting that America is an institutionally racist country.

Many in DuPage County were surprised to learn that racism was such a big problem in Naperville. But based on the responses from Naperville 203 teachers and administrators it apparently is.

In fact, Naperville Superintendent Dan Bridges <Graphic 6>> tweeted that the conversation was, “uncomfortable for some… necessary for all.”

Whoa. Where are the local headlines on this? Anti-racism training being NECESSARY in Naperville - according to the Naperville Superintendent - seems newsworthy.

And the families and taxpayers of D-203 deserve answers to the questions their media won’t ask:

Starting, with the teachers of Naperville 203:

  • Are you a racist? Is there any reason someone might say you are?

  • Do you believe your colleagues are racists?

  • If you’re not racists, why do you think the school district felt the need to train you not to be racists?

  • Is it at all offensive to you that your school district is working from the premise that teachers are all - consciously or unconsciously - racists?

To Principals:

  • Do you know of teachers promoting racist ideas in Naperville schools?

  • How did you handle those instances?

  • Is it fair to treat all of your teachers as though they’re racists?

To Superintendents:

  • Are tolerance and diversity important values to District 203?

  • The anti-racism program that your teachers were required to participate in insists that all people who disagree with their ideas and policy prescriptions are irredeemable bigots. Does that attitude promote tolerance and diversity or does it further divide your staff - and society more broadly?

  • If systemic racism exists in the Naperville School System, well, then who’s running the system - Superintendent Bridges? Isn’t that who we should first hold accountable?

As you can see, there is a lot we don’t know, and many questions the local media seems unwilling to ask and investigate. But if we are at the “necessary” training phase, then families and taxpayers deserve to know what’s true and what isn’t true about Naperville 203.

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