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Response to Chicago Tribune Hit Piece

This letter is in response to the recent Chicago Tribune Editorial: The Big Lie road show continues, with a new stop in Chicago’s suburbs, which references research conducted by Breakthrough Ideas.

Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Tribune mischaracterized the work and intentions of Breakthrough Ideas and Jeanne Ives.

Also, unsurprisingly, despite their public claim in the editorial that “scrutiny of [ballot integrity] efforts cannot relent.” The Tribune did relent. They failed to send any reporter to two follow-up press conferences on the project, during which the claims their original article made were discussed.

If the Tribune were not inexcusably lazy and incurious, they would have learned the following, which was stated in the second press conference on the subject on October 29:

One randomly chosen voter from the changed address list was highlighted to illustrate the point. Note: Breakthrough Ideas makes no allegation that any specific voter fraudulently voted, but that the data shows information on moved voters that may have voted without holding proper residency. The states attorney has been given the list for further investigation.

The Chicago Tribune requested our list of the 1343 voters and then wrote a misleading story for which we are providing clarification. The Chicago Tribune story said that the DuPage Clerk’s office had information that the voter we highlighted in our press conference updated his registration with election officials in July 2020 and voted legally in November 2020.

In fact, voter lists from 12/3/2020 and 8/19/2021 obtained from the DuPage Clerk’s office show the opposite. For the voter in question, the DuPage Clerk did not update the address for the voter, instead showing him having voted from the same address of the home which was sold in March of 2020 and whose ownership is under a new name. The voter registration data also shows that the voter’s record was last updated 9/3/2010 – not July 2020.

The clerk’s office told the Chicago Tribune that they received an updated voter registration request from the voter in July. The clerk did not update the registration. Questions remain. What address was the vote-by-mail ballot sent to and for what address was the ballot constructed? Multiple different election districts can be found in a single town.

What we know for certain is that Jean Kazmarek, the DuPage County Clerk, has no internal controls or checks to ensure voter data is up-to-date and accurate.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune with its extensive resources, refuses to do their own election integrity investigation, research thoroughly information provided to them, or question rote responses from government officials when presented with compelling evidence that people possibly voted illegally.

We noted that the National Change of Address list indicated the voter had changed his address to Naples, Florida in March 2020. Further investigation into the Florida election database indicates that on May 27, 2021 the voter we highlighted newly registered to vote in Collier County Florida, the county where Naples is located.

“Vote Early and Vote Often” is a catch-phrase that originated in Illinois, a state that has become almost synonymous with vote fraud and public corruption. The fact that the Chicago Tribune cherry-picked our data, looking into just one voter (who actually did fraudulently vote) of over 1,300 to discredit an effort to bring accountability to the electoral process just proves they are part of the problem.

We demand a full retraction and a correction to the record.

Because we don’t trust the Tribune to cherry-pick this statement, it will be posted in full on our website.

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