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Reveille: Jack

Good morning! As you hear this, a boy we’ll call Jack is arriving at school. He’s a sophomore at a high-caliber high school in suburban Chicago.

Unfortunately, Jack isn’t in the building maintained by his parents’ property taxes. He’s at grandpa and grandma’s home, his faux-schoolhouse nearly every weekday since last autumn.

First up, his cellphone is sequestered by grandpa. Only then will Jack open his laptop.

World History time! In 14 units, he will learn of America’s influence on history in but four of them. He will hear that the Iron Curtain simply “fell”. Jack will never hear that Thatcher, Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Lech Walesa plotted its demise.

Not to fear. During many quizzes, Jack will simply have to guess at answers about his material. Why? 10-15% of the questions were never addressed in the cyber lessons. He will, however, learn loads about globalism, the ‘greatness’ of China and the ‘merits’ of Mugabe, Mao, and Marx. That’s Karl, not Groucho.

Next is geometry and it’s grandma’s turn. Jack benefits from well-organized lessons but again runs into test questions that were not addressed by his cyber teacher. In addition, he has never had to do a geometric proof.

After break, Jack is with grandpa again and suffers through an English course that has not required him to write a paragraph, spell a word, or diagram a sentence. The material is rigorous but will never teach Jack to write a love letter to his girlfriend.

Earth Science is well-taught but who can do experiments on a 6” by 9” laptop screen? Jack looks and Jack fidgets.

The teacher on the screen states that the Earth turns once on its axis every 24 hours. How many revolutions have taken place since Jack was last in a classroom? To be exact, 294.

It’s noon and school’s out!

Jack will go to sports practice where he’ll spend more time on-task than in his four academic classes at “Grandpa/Grandma University”.

This past semester, Jack made the honor roll.

Jack also reads at the sixth-grade level.

Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, who’s running the schools?

Who’s learning something, anything?

And what future is ‘fake school’ going to bring to America?

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas and this is your wake-up call.

Find out more at Breakthrough-Ideas.com.

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