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Reveille: Purging History

By Jeanne Ives

Welcome to Reveille!

In February, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot formed a committee that would decide the fate of 41 public statues. Ms. Lightfoot claimed this would bring about “…a racial healing and historical reckoning….”

First Up, President McKinley. His record:

Nearly 125 years ago, McKinley stood on labor’s side and enacted federal laws that fined companies which harmed union members,

He also condemned the heinous practice of lynching. And regularly lent his ear to many African Americans – Booker T. Washington included.

The nation’s 25th president was assassinated in 1901, never knowing that years later he’d be cancelled again, this time by ammunition from a culture run amok.

Also among Lightfoot’s targets are three Illinoisans.

Least-known is the 19th century General from Murphysboro who, while in Congress, fought to give citizenship and suffrage to freed slaves and also backed women’s rights. If you’re keeping score at home, this is Civil War general John Logan who established May 30th as Memorial Day.

Another Prairie State hero on the purge list, lead Union troops to victory in the Civil War and as two-term president, backed the Civil Rights Act of 1875 that outlawed racial segregation. You’re correct if you guessed that Ulysses Grant is also being considered for the mayor’s revisionist guillotine.

Honest Abe stands to lose several statues……Our ancestors would NEVER have dreamed that the namesake of Illinois’ slogan is on a social justice hit-list.

Even….George Washington is not spared from this episode of virtue-signaling.

Purging American heroes is the least of our problems

This is your wake-up call America,

Totalitarian regimes of other eras erased history.

Chicago may soon….be officially stomping down statues.

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas.

Find out more at Breakthrough-Ideas.com

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