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Reveille: Send Us a Bankruptcy Lawyer

By: Jeanne Ives

It’s Reveille!

This is a wake-up call to taxpayers around the nation to NOT bail out bankrupt states and cities.

Democrats in Congress are on track to approve a nearly 2 trillion dollar COVID relief bill that

includes 350 billion dollars for states and local governments, more than twice the 150 billion

dollars handed out to them last year.

This money may not even be needed. Many states are recovering on their own.

Some states, like South Dakota, are thriving. Their unemployment rate is lower than before the start of the pandemic. Other states tightened their belt and used rainy day funds to weather the storm.

Not Illinois.

Illinois has no rainy day fund.

In the midst of the pandemic, Illinois Democrats passed a budget 6% larger than the year

before. No belt tightening. No shared sacrifices.

On top of that, Governor Pritzker still refuses to reasonably open the economy - even as his

own family escapes to more open states like Florida and Wisconsin.

This is a wake-up call to federal taxpayers: Don’t subsidize Illinois’ bankrupt, corrupt


We have an estimated pension debt of 240 billion dollars, according to Moody’s. State

lawmakers won’t reform it.

Mercatus Center ranks Illinois last for fiscal health. We have the worst state credit rating in the nation. Lawmakers refuse to address it.

Illinois politicians haven’t passed a balanced budget for twenty years!

They spent 66 million dollars on a temporary COVID hospital that took care of 38 patients.

With that record, they are now looking for a handout. Democrats who run the state are nothing if not consistent. One way or another, they will get taxpayers to pay for their bad decisions.

Save your money. Forget a federal bailout. Send us a bankruptcy lawyer.

I’m Jeanne Ives, co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas and this was Your Reville. Find out more at www.breakthrough-ideas.com

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