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Reveille: Woke Teacher Standards

By: Jeanne Ives

Welcome to Reville!

If you already thought the education system was WOKE enough, Illinois says Hold my beer.

And the rest of America may want to take note.

It’s bad enough that Illinois educators have made national news for still refusing to go back to

school, now Illinois politicians have made national news as they debate new teacher

certification standards.

You might think these new standards would raise the bar for teaching a core

curriculum. Afterall, only 37 percent of students can read or do math at grade level.


In Illinois, ideology and politics always trump everything else.

Instead of focusing on core skills, the new standards focus on certifying teachers in

understanding their “privilege” and turning students into activists.

Stanley Kurtz, writing in National review said this about the standards,

“the entire Illinois teacher corps will be effectively forced into political re-education and

compelled to turn their classes into woke indoctrination sessions.”

What are teachers who don’t walk in lockstep with these progressive mandates going to do?

How long are they going to put up with being lectured about privilege and inferred bias when

they just want to teach?

Not long. We will lose them. And the decline will continue.

Let’s be clear. Illinois already has progressive curriculum mandates. Woke teachers and

schools already willingly implement much of this.

These Illinois antics won’t stop at our border. The standards would apply to certification of all

teachers coming out of our universities, many of whom will teach in other states.

This is your wake-up call America. If these rules pass in Illinois, what’s to stop the Biden

Administration from implementing them on a federal level?

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