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Riots, Maxine Waters and Media Manipulation

By Kathleen Murphy

This is Breakthrough Ideas Lighting Up the Media.

All hell is breaking loose across the nation right now.

For over a week, we have seen riots and violence erupting in cities across the country in response to the Daunte Wright shooting in Minneapolis. Rather than calling for calm, left-wing politicians who are rationalizing the violence, condoning it, some even exacerbating it - like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who urged rioters to "stay in the street" and to even become "more confrontational" if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted of killing resident George Floyd.

More confrontational? This is a sitting Congresswoman standing in the midst of a literal riot, and saying - if these rioters don’t get their way, they need to get “more confrontational.”

She is not being taken out of context. The California Congresswoman has a record of advocating violence as a way to get justice. A few years ago, Maxine Waters told her base they should actively push back on members of the Trump Administration.

Outside of a few headlines that only shore up her notoriety, Maxine Waters will never be held accountable… and she knows it. She’s just “Auntie Maxine being Auntie Maxine.”

This is a really dangerous game we’re playing.

And it highlights the double standards that are so treacherously rampant in corporate media.

Imagine for a moment the reaction if Donald Trump had said anything close to ‘If we don’t get our way, we will get “more confrontational - MORE confrontational - than the rioting and looting we are already doing.’ And now, imagine the rioters are wearing MAGA hats.

How would the media handle that?

Recall January 6th, when a bunch of idiots broke away from thousands of peaceful Trump supporters and stormed the US Capitol Building after hearing the President speak. It was awful. The imagery was horrific.

And we saw the media’s response. Non-stop coverage. Every Republican with a platform was dragged in front of TV cameras to condemn the rioting and disavow those who had rushed into the Capitol. And they did. All of them.

The media told us then - and everyday since - that these Trump supporters represented the biggest threat that our system of government had ever faced. Yet, when those goons were cleared from the building, Congress went right back into the Chamber to finish the work they had started.

Meanwhile, what we are watching in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, New York and DC is a real attempt to overthrow major systems that have been foundational to American society on the charge that they are all corrupt and have to be destroyed. It will take years for these cities to recover. According to those behind this movement, there is no other recourse than revolutionary aggression. If that means homes and businesses are destroyed, so be it. If it means people are hurt. Fine. If it means people die? Apparently, then - it’s sad - but people will die.

Democrats like Maxine Waters are stoking this. And the media is complicit.

To put it in perspective: Imagine that a GOP congressman had joined the rioters in the Capitol. He’d be done. Finished.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened here. Not only did Maxine Waters join the rioters, she encouraged them to go further.

Why aren’t they putting cameras in the faces of Democrat members of Congress like Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood, Tammy Duckworth and Marie Newman to demand that they denounce Waters’ statement?

After January 6th, media hyped the calls to impeach President Trump for a second time. What Maxine Waters said was equally - if not more - explicit and incendiary than what Trump said. Where are the calls for the House to vote on expelling her? What media outlet is even putting the question to these Democrat Congressmen? None. Not one.

The media’s position is to just stand there and film our cities burning. No questions asked.

At what point are we going to hold leaders in government and the media accountable for their complicity in the violence on our streets and the destruction of our cities?

If not now, after all that has happened, then WHEN? What WILL it take?

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