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Sean Casten vs. a Mississippi Post Office

By Jeanne Ives

It’s Reveille!

For a moment, let’s play the role of the late Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek.

The answer is:”


74-time champ Ken Jennings probably couldn’t have come up with the correct question.

Many of YOU might opine, “What is....Elvis……Presley?”


Democrat Congressman Sean Casten, however, has this item nailed down.

On February 25th, the Boston Globe reported that Casten forced a roll call vote that — for the first time in generations – caused the entire House of Representatives to vote on a renaming because the bill sponsor had voted for the investigation into the election.

When asked about the heavy-handed treatment of an uncontroversial recognition, the Congressman said he doesn’t work with those who don’t favor “democracy.”

But this wasn’t about “Democracy.” This was about retribution.

Casten serves in the People’s House, where the BUSINESS of the people is to be conducted. But Sean Casten - who’s colleagues have called one of the most toxic and divisive members of Congress - held a pro-forma vote and 434 other congressional representatives hostage.

This is his game. Sean Casten truly believes that those who don’t think like him are lowlifes who deserve to be treated with suspicion and scorn. And he never misses a chance to make that point -- even if it means holding up all of Congress to do it.

THEN Casten voted against it. But the Tupelo post office will be renamed in honor of Carlyle Harris.

That’s AIR FORCE COLONEL Carlyle Harris.

That’s 91-year-old Col. Harris who spent EIGHT years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton.

Perhaps on Veterans’ Day, Congressman Casten will honor his name THIS TIME.

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