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Statewide Parent Alert!

Statewide Parent Alert!

New CDC Guidelines for School -Local School Districts to Decide on Masks

Get Informed – Attend Your Next School Board Meeting – Speak Up

Our Children are Not Experiments

No Masks for School Children This Fall

No Segregation Based on Vaccination Status

New CDC Guidelines, July 9, 2021 – “Based on the needs of the community, school administrators may opt to make mask use universally required (i.e., required regardless of vaccination status) in the school.” (emphasis added). Read Here.

Illinois Department of Health, July 9, 2021 – IDPH adopted the above CDC guidelines stating “masks should be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2 or older) who are not fully vaccinated.’ CDC guidelines also recommend maintaining 3-foot distances in schools and layered protections for the unvaccinated. Read here.

Illinois State Board of Education, notice July 9, 2021 – Reiterates the CDC guidelines that IDPH adopted which appears to show ISBE agrees that unvaccinated persons should mask indoors. The state superintendent goes on to say “All students deserve to return safely in-person to schools this fall,“ said Dr. Ayala. Read Here.

Your Local School District are Authorized to Decide

Guidelines are just that - guidelines, not law. Both IDPH and ISBE are making comments like unvaccinated students "SHOULD" wear masks while leaving it up to districts to make the decision. SHOULD is not must or shall. They cannot mandate vaccination for a drug under an emergency use authorization – and they know it.

New evidence is emerging on the unnecessary and also harmful effects of masking children. Read here 11 reasons to Say NO to Masking Children.

In Other School Districts there’s Pushback on Masks and CRT: Red Hill and Warsaw school districts are making their own mask policy. In suburbs, Parent pushback D99, D303, D200, D87, D203(at 41min mark), and D204 w/Awake Illinois.

Some Local Teacher Unions want children vaccinated and masked. CDC prioritizes in-person learning instead. Don’t let the unions run the schools.

Outrageous - Government going door-to-door with vaccination information and pushing experimental drugs for children for a virus that minimally impacts them.

The shutdown of our schools was a huge overreaction and stunted our children’s personal and academic growth. Masks interfered with education and personal interactions.

Bureaucrats Shouldn’t Make Decisions on Your Child’s Health and Education! Speak Up Now to Stop Them.

Download our printable flyer here:

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