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The Counter-Insurgency Against the LGBT Colossus Has Begun

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

The long overdue resistance to “LGB” and “T” ideological malfeasance and tyranny is beginning, and if we care about children and parental rights (not to mention speech rights, religious liberty, and the continued existence of the greatest nation in history), we better persevere in resisting. “LGB” and “T” tyrants will not go gentle into the night. No siree. After a few decades of power, the colossus our cowardice helped feed will fight furiously to maintain its cultural hegemony.

The bruised, beleaguered, and butchered American landscape

Physically harming children

The politicized medical community profits handsomely from turning physically healthy minors into lifetime patients with disfigured, dysfunctional bodies. Arrogant, ignorant, cowardly, and/or avaricious doctors at children’s hospitals across the country are engaged in this ethically criminal enterprise. In October 2022, Reuters reported this troubling information:

While the number of gender clinics treating children in the United States has grown from zero to more than 100 in the past 15 years – and waiting lists are long – strong evidence of the efficacy and possible long-term consequences of that treatment remains scant.

Puberty blockers and sex hormones do not have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for children’s gender care. No clinical trials have established their safety for such off-label use. The drugs’ long-term effects on fertility and sexual function remain unclear. And in 2016, the FDA ordered makers of puberty blockers to add a warning about psychiatric problems to the drugs’ label after the agency received several reports of suicidal thoughts in children who were taking them.

More broadly, no large-scale studies have tracked people who received gender-related medical care as children to determine how many remained satisfied with their treatment as they aged and how many eventually regretted transitioning.

The politicized mental health community driven by the same deviant ideology rushes children who are confused about their sexed bodies (by, inter alia, depression, anxiety, abuse, autism, family breakdown, and social media contagion) into the medical industrial complex, telling parents the evil lie that if they don’t facilitate their children’s “transition,” their children will commit suicide.

Deep-pocketed ideologues like the Pritzker sex crime family, Tim Gill, Jon Stryker, Ronda Stryker, and Pat Stryker, are using their money to fund the poisonous “LGB” and “T” ideology everywhere.

Unjust indoctrination, policies, and practices

Public schools (and park districts) are sexually integrating restrooms and locker rooms. They are requiring teachers and coaches to be present when opposite-sex minors change clothes in locker rooms.

Girls’ and women’s sports are being systematically destroyed by allowing biological males to compete against girls and women and to invade their locker rooms/showers.

In May, a middle school in Massachusetts forbade a 12-year-old student to wear a t-shirt that said, “There are only two genders.”

Previously sex-segregated clubs like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America have been ruined.

Public schools require students, staff, faculty, and administrators to use incorrect or nonsensical, invented pronouns.

Public schools are passing policies that require teachers, counselors, and administrators to conceal vital information from parents about their own children’s behavior relative to cross-sex impersonation.

In the service of facilitating children’s destructive sex delusions, some schools maintain closets of clothes for cross-dressing students to change into at school.

Starting in kindergarten, public school teachers introduce leftist “gender” ideology as objective truth to minors through grossly misnamed and inappropriate “comprehensive sex ed” curricula.

Public libraries host story hours in which cross-dressing adult men in woman-face read to, cavort with, and twerk in front of toddlers.

Starting in kindergarten, public school teachers introduce leftist “gender” ideology as objective truth to minors through grossly misnamed and inappropriate “comprehensive sex ed” curricula.

Public libraries host story hours in which cross-dressing adult men in woman-face read to, cavort with, and twerk in front of toddlers.

Leftists have formed and are promoting “glitter families,” which are pseudo-families that use compassion as a cloak of secrecy for the goal of ideological grooming. “Glitter families” seek to appropriate the children of parents who don’t support cross-sex hormone-doping and mastectomies for their 13-year-old daughters.

“Pride” parades and events replete with public nudity that violates public decency laws, vulgar/erotic performances, and vendors selling sex toys pollute our parks and Main Streets for an entire month. States are passing minor-mutilation sanctuary laws that allow minor children who escape their home states to be sterilized by mad scientists and profiteers in defiance of parental wishes.

Public schools and publicly funded libraries purchase, assign, recommend, and make available to minor kids of all ages picture books, obscene YA novels, and other resources that depict and affirm leftist beliefs on homosexuality and cross-sex “identification.” Materials that dissent from leftist beliefs on these topics are banned.

Corporate America has hopped aboard the “trans” train. The ubiquitous purloined rainbow makes it difficult for parents of young children to shop anywhere in June.

The resistance is here

Americans have clearly had enough and with courage are finally pushing back. You can see the evidence everywhere. Even the morally and spiritually blind can see it, which accounts for the Rumpelstiltskin-like fury of leftists.

Moms, dads, grandparents, pastors, teachers, and mental health professionals are speaking out at school board and park board meetings, willing to endure the vitriolic name-calling of tolerant, diversity-loving leftists.

State legislatures are finally passing laws banning experimental, health-threatening chemical and surgical maltreatment for gender-dysphoric minors.

Female athletes like swimmers Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan and runners Chelsea Mitchell, and Selina Soule are speaking out against the sexual integration of women’s sports. Riley Gaines is urging all female athletes to boycott any female competitions that include cross-dressing males. Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost an arm in a shark attack as a teen, is refusing to participate against biological males—also known as men—in any women’s surfing competitions.

Films like What is a Woman? and Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids are exposing the truth about the non-sense of the gender ideology and the damage it is doing.

Thanks to Twitter accounts like @stillgray (Ian Miles Cheong) and @Libsoftiktok (Chaya Raichik), who repost Twitter videos from leftists, Americans now know with certainty that leftist activists, including teachers, are hellbent on ideologically grooming other people’s children. Thanks to Elon Musk, tweeters can disseminate these leftist video tweets far and wide.

Students at Marshall Simmonds Middle School in Burlington, Vermont protested a school-sanctioned celebration of “LGB” and “T” “pride” during which all students and faculty were encouraged to wear rainbow paraphernalia signifying support for an ideology that offends many Americans.

Through sustained boycotts, patrons have expressed their opposition to Bud Light’s hearty affirmation of cross-sex impersonation and to Target’s promotion of leftist beliefs on homosexuality and cross-sex impersonation.

Bud Light used the creepy, cross-dressing man Dylan Mulvaney to hawk their product and insult its most faithful customers.

Target went further, insulting faithful customers by selling the wares of a cross-dressing woman who worships Satan and by selling products to help minors conceal their sexual anatomy thereby reinforcing their delusion. What next? Marketing diet foods to anorexic teens?

Friends, keep the pressure on. Be courageous even when it’s intimidating and exhausting to do so. In 2009 Princeton University law professor Robert P. George said this about the ugly campaign of intimidation waged by leftists on their unholy quest to destroy marriage:

Campaigns of intimidation succeed only if the victims of such campaigns permit themselves to be intimidated. They fizzle when people refuse to alter their behavior out of fear. As anyone who has ever confronted a school-yard bully knows, bullies are cowards. When their victims stand up to them, they fold like accordions.

Stand up to bullies. Speak truth loudly to tyrants. The earth may tremble for a moment when the enraged colossus stamps its feet. But eventually, it will fold.


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