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The Maiming and Killing Fields of Illinois

Illinois’ lousy Democrat leaders will stop at nothing in their grisly quest to maim and kill living humans.

Governor Grisly—aka J.B. Pritzker—proudly proclaimed from his high horse that March 10, 2023, was Abortion Appreciation Day in honor of David Gunn—a doctor who is famous for two things: being murdered and betraying the Hippocratic oath by killing human lives in utero. And this is the person Governor Grisly chooses to honor.

Actually, unoriginal Pritzker merely joined a national campaign that began in 1996 but really kicked into high gear in 2020.

Here are some of the “WHEREAS-es” set forth in the sickening proclamation:

WHEREAS, to … show appreciation for the high-quality care that abortion providers and clinic staff provide ….

High-quality human extermination that’s what Pritzker and his collaborators appreciate.

WHEREAS … abortion providers must be accessible in order for people to make real decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures ….

Abortion providers are facilitating the decisions of “people”—not about their bodies but about the bodies of others—bodies that death providers know are human bodies as they reassemble them on cold metal trays after they’ve dismembered them.

WHEREAS, it is more important than ever to affirm the right of all people to control their lives, their bodies, and their futures ….

There he goes again proclaiming all people have a right to control their lives, bodies, and futures while denying that those rights to the least among us by ludicrously denying that the product of conception between two humans is a human.

“WHEREAS, the National Abortion Federation’s 2018 statistics on violence and disruption found an alarming escalation in incidences of obstruction, vandalism, and trespassing at abortion clinics ….

In between all his appreciating of killing, Pritzker may want to check the stats on vandalism of crisis pregnancy centers that leftists are trying to shut down.

WHEREAS, Illinois has long received people seeking abortion care from around the region and providers are now caring for people from across the country ….

Ah, yes, Pritzker is the Emma Lazarus of the human slaughter movement—but with a twist:

Give me your flawed, your poor Your parasites with no right to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Bring your unwanted, tempest-tost to me, I lift the lamp beside the abortionist’s cold steel door.

But Grisly’s not done yet.

Just this past week, our buttinsky governor tried to interfere with Walgreens’ decision not to sell chemical abortifacients in other states. The attorneys general in these 21 other states have threatened to sue Walgreens and other pharmacy chains if they sell chemical abortifacients. It’s not enough for Pritzker to transform Illinois into the killing field of the Midwest. Oh no, he wants to ensure that killing humans in their mothers’ wombs is as easy-peasy in all states as it is in Illinois. That’s the kind of thing one might expect from someone with presidential aspirations.

In a statement about his coercive effort to ensure maximum fetal deaths, Pritzker said,

“I’ve spoken with Walgreens executives and expressed my deep disappointment at their announced policy, and I’ve urged them to rethink this decision that will severely limit access to essential health care for thousands of women.”

How can anyone take seriously anything Pritzker says about health care or women. He’s a full-throated supporter of maiming gender-dysphoric minors and believes cross-dressing men in woman-face, like his burly cousin “Jennifer,” are women.

No matter how many times leftists call the extermination of humans in their mothers’ wombs “health care,” it’s not. Nor is it essential.

But it is profitable, which may explain why Ohio-based OB-GYN Dr. Keith Reisinger-Kindle just opened his new abattoir in Champaign, Illinois. He purchased the building with a little help from a GoFundMe campaign he and his homosexual partner James Reisinger-Kindle set up.

He has named his abattoir Equity Clinic—I kid you not. Clearly, Dr. Reisinger-Kindle does not treat all humans fairly and impartially. He kills some humans.

And that’s just the kind of person, and business Pritzker celebrates.

Pritzker continued his political grandstanding:

“I'm calling on all major pharmacies to resist the political grandstanding of certain state attorneys general and preserve this right wherever reproductive choice is still allowed—which will always be the case in Illinois while I am governor.”

Pritzker pompously proclaims that as long as he is king of the forest governor of Illinois, women will be allowed to have their human offspring killed. Wow, what a hill to kill on.

Just once, couldn’t a reporter ask Pritzker to explain in non-euphemistic language what “reproductive choice” entails. Someone should ask him to describe in detail the nature of the choice without using the word “pregnancy,” as in, “termination of a pregnancy.”

Pritzker isn’t the only Illinois Democrat to heartily endorse human slaughter and minor abuse. He gets a lot of help from his friends in Springfield, friends like former community organizer State Senator Celina Villanueva.

A month ago, Villanueva introduced SB 1344 that, if passed, will amend Illinois insurance code to mandate that all individual or group health insurance policies “amended, delivered, issued, or renewed in the State on or after … January 1, 2024 shall provide coverage for all abortifacients, hormonal therapy medication, human immunodeficiency virus pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis drugs approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration” (emphasis added).

Human immunodeficiency virus pre-exposure prophylaxis (HIV PrEP) refers to drugs to help prevent acquiring HIV and are used primarily by men who choose to engage in risky homosexual activity. This video about PrEP concludes by defiantly asserting, “Autonomy in your sexual health is a right. PrEP is your right.” What isn’t asserted but should have been is that accompanying sexual autonomy and access to PrEP are concomitant personal responsibilities—not obligations of the public.

If passed, premiums will rise, and Illinoisans will be forced to pay for the killing of innocent humans, the maiming of confused minors, and the subsidization of volitional and risky sexual practices—practices promoted in our government schools.

National Review just reported that “Illinois is dominated by blue Chicago, yet nearly 90 of its 102 counties are solidly red.” As conservative Illinoisans from Chicago and the 90 sane counties continue to flee for safer, less bloody pastures, who will remain for Democrats to maim and kill? Oh, wait, maybe that explains why Pritzker welcomes mothers from across the country to the heartland where they can have their babies’ hearts stopped.


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