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The real threat to our Constitutional Republic and our American values

For this week's commentary, I started out writing about media headlines on climate that drive bad policy and the P-word (pensions), but my comments on that seem quite trivial compared to the Biden corruption scandal. So, when I finally sat down and listened to the video of Dr. Gal Luft, the whistleblower in the Biden family corruption investigation, I was so alarmed that I had to make sure others were hearing his testimony too.

I don't buy into conspiracy theories. When friends and families were buying into the Q'anon crap, I steered them away. When the Daily Herald asked me to comment about Q-anon when I ran for Congress, I was so appalled by the question - a completely unserious topic - that I refused to respond to any of their questions or be interviewed.

And I haven't really weighed in on much of the Biden family corruption that has been going on to date. But, there is now so much overwhelming evidence exposed by credible sources, about Joe Biden's bribery scheme run through his son, that I thought everyone should listen to Dr. Luft and read more and make up their own mind.

The Left's cry of "threat to Democracy" is just projection. The real threat to our Constitutional Republic and our American values is Joe Biden and his cackling sidekick, Kamala.

Can you believe either one of them was elected to the highest offices in the nation?

Some people think politics can’t touch them, that they can stay out of it. Some think America always wins in the end. Some don’t have any skin in the game if we go to war. The majority of Americans haven't been to the North Korean border, walked through Checkpoint Charlie under Soviet Union control, visited a middle eastern country or regularly interact with new immigrants escaping dictatorships or crony corrupt governments.

Americans are naive to the administrative state and the weaponization of the DOJ threaten our way of life by not combatting it at every turn. And that starts out by paying attention to what is happening locally and understanding how that power rolls up.

We have a weaponized DOJ against the American people and that is a threat to all of us. It’s like having Kim Foxx in charge of the legal system everywhere. Criminals let off to re-offend and Jussie Smollet believed and then given a slap on the wrist.

Listen to the whistleblower Dr. Gal Luft in this interview posted in the NY Post. It should concern everyone when paired with everything else we know about a DOJ that goes after parents, Catholics, and pro-lifers and an FBI that makes up stories to spy on a Presidential campaign.

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