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Unfit for Service

United States Senator Durbin
IL. U.S. Senator Durbin

US Senator Dick Durbin isn't just any kind of Democrat, he is among the most dangerous, disingenuous Democrats in D.C.  


This week he suggested that the military could solve its recruiting problem by allowing illegal aliens who just showed up to join the military.

This is insanity and Sen. Tommy Tuberville from Alabama pointed out that insanity in these remarks. 


In, Tuberville is quoted as saying:


“I heard Sen. Durbin now wants illegal immigrants to serve in the military because we can’t find enough Americans. Did I just not hear on the floor Sen. [Dick] Durbin and Sen. [Chuck] Schumer are against assault weapons? I heard that,” the Alabama Republican said Friday on the Senate floor, referring to his colleagues from Illinois and New York.


“But they want to turn around and give an assault weapon to a Chinese or a Russian or Iranian that’s come into this country illegally to protect the American citizen of the United States of America. Have we lost our minds?” Tuberville continued.


The article went on to say that Durbin was supporting Sen. Duckworth's bill allowing certain non-citizens to enter the military such as DACA recipients and those in temporary protected status. However, it is not entirely clear that that is what Durbin meant.


Duckworth suggested this legislation because the military recruiting problem is due in part to a "historically small pool of eligible recruits," But, that's not true because we lack in numbers enough military-aged people (17-24), but because in that age group of men, nearly 80% are ineligible for military service.


From this EPOCH Times article earlier this year: 

A Department of Defense report cited during a Feb. 16 congressional hearing offered a hard pill to swallow: 77 percent of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are unqualified physically to enter the armed forces. That's a 6 percent increase from 2017, which has added to the struggle to find new recruits in every branch of the military.

One of the major hurdles recruiters now face is obesity, which has become a dominant health challenge for Americans. As of 2020, the prevalence of obesity in the adult population hit nearly 42 percent.

I find it deplorable that so many Americans refuse to inculcate in their own children a willingness to do their part to protect our nation. I am well aware of the problems in the military. Those problems don't get fixed by sitting on the sidelines. You build Generals from first building Lieutenants. It is absolutely pathetic that so many are first ineligible to serve because they have criminal records, are obese, or unlearned. And then there is a whole other set of children and their parents who feel someone else can do the work.  


Now, we don't want people serving who don't want to serve, but we obviously haven't fostered enough patriotism to organically garner the forces we need to defend this country - and that's a problem.


Durbin's other big mishap this week was blocking the subpoena of Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs according to Senator Marsha Blackburn.



Why in the world do we not know who flew to that island after all the information about the sex trafficking that took place there as evidenced in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and conviction? 


What's Durbin hiding?

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