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Weirdos and Potheads Working at Chicago Public Schools and Lurie Children's Hospital

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

This is a trans article. What began as an article focused on Lurie Children’s Hospital’s collusion with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to promote leftist views of sexuality and “gender” transitioned into an article about the weirdos CPS wastes public money to employ.

Lurie’s “Youth Engagement Coordinator” “Adam” Davies, who was evidently hired to proselytize captive audiences of public school children, is a young woman who pretends to be a man. Thanks to hormone-doping, bearded woman Davies can almost pass as the man she wishes she were, but she has a grander scheme than merely passing. Davies seeks to impose her socially constructed, anti-science, phantasmagorical superstitions about “gender” on public school children through her job at Lurie. As of now, “trans”-activists can’t access children in their homes, so public schools are their hunting grounds.

Like a good soldier in the fanatical army of cross-dressers, Davies has been pro-actively reaching out to CPS, offering Lurie’s Gender Development Program propaganda services. Perhaps CPS sees impoverished neighborhoods with high percentages of fatherless and broken families as particularly vulnerable to the ideological and medical predations of controversial charlatans like Davies, homosexual pediatrician Dr. Robert Garofalo, and pediatric psychologist Diane Chen.

Davies wants CPS to accept Lurie’s offer to provide “LGBTQ Centered” and “gender sexuality alliance” “workshops.” Lurie boasts that “As a pediatric institution, we share a unique expertise for grades K-8, but support these sessions across all levels of education.” “Key topics” addressed in these indoctrination sessions “include sexual communication in a gender-affirming way, healthy LGBTQ relationships, [and] anal sex.”

To be clear, Lurie does not offer surgical mutilation to minors--yet. It offers “pubertal suppression therapy,” “menstrual suppression,” masculinizing hormone therapy for girls, feminizing hormone therapy for boys, and “fertility preservation” to the healthy children Lurie will chemically sterilize for non-medical reasons. In other words, Lurie eagerly puts medically healthy children on the path to being lifetime medical patients.

“Fertility preservation” is a bit of a misnomer in that Lurie can’t actually preserve fertility. It can harvest eggs and sperm from minors who will be rendered sterile through the medical machinations of physicians who daily do children harm.

While no surgeons at Lurie currently butcher children, Lurie does, however, refer minors to butchers to do the really dirty work.

Lurie also participated in the CPS-sponsored all-day Galaxy Summit in May 2023 to which Jose Dominguez Magdaleno from the CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness urged students to attend.

On his Facebook page, Magdaleno also self-identifies as a “health educator” at Lurie, and on his LinkedIn page he self-identifies as a “Jersey girl.”

At the summit, CPS students were exposed to student- and staff-led workshops and performances including the requisite drag queen performance, all with the goal of promoting leftist beliefs about homosexuality and cross-sex impersonation. Magdaleno—who was paid $500 by Lurie—was the drag performer.

One of the emails obtained by Daily Caller that exposes the collusion of Lurie with CPS was sent by yet another homosexual CPS employee, Derrick Little, who self-identifies on LinkedIn as a “Sexual Health Specialist at Chicago Public Schools.” Yikes.

To get a better idea of the kind of person CPS believes should work with and serve as a role model for children, let’s take a gander at some of Little’s tweets:

May 5, 2022: when i woke up this morning after taking an edible that was way too strong last night & passing out

Jan. 3. 2022: white people like running marathons too much.. What are you running from accountability?

Dec. 5, 2021: me spotting a second security camera after stuffing a week’s worth of

groceries in my backpack and jacket

Nov. 22,2021: went to walgreens to pick up my prescription while high and only got snacks. i forgot about my meds :( going back now

Nov. 2, 2021: i went to do my laundry as my edible was kicking in and locked myself out of my apartment for 15 minutes. when my neighbor got home, i was so high trying to explain to them what happend and sounded like this :(

Nov. 10, 2021: i be having a good day and the boom, i see a white person with dreads

Aug. 23, 2021: i be so embarrassed when i start coughing when i smoke. my walls are so thin so i know my neighbors hear how this blunt is kicking my ass

July 28,2021: my mom heard me lighting my joint while we were talking on the phone and she was talking about “what was that?” i said nun i was just lighting this lil candle

July 18, 2020: “there are no good police officers. not your uncle larry. not your cousin jimmy. none. they serve in the state's best interest, which is to uphold white supremacy and racial capitalism. … prisons are modern day slavery. … prisons are not justice; they are a form of white supremacy.”

July 18, 2020: “If your allyship does not include trans people, undocumented people, indigenous rights, or center the most marginalized - it is not allyship!! fuck the police. fuck ICE.”

Jan. 27, 2021: i had the strongest edible of my life last night, and i didnt think i would

make it. but i’m happy to say that i’m back and more queer than ever

Jan. 25, 2021: wow people be fine as hell, and then i find out they’re in the military"

Jan. 18, 2021: this dispensary really tried to play me. they asked me if i needed a lighter for my would i need a lighter for my edibles

Jan. 17, 2021: am i too high to go to the grocery? idk we'll find out

Jan. 6, 2021: me telling my journal about how these white terrorists just walked their asses into capitol with the support of the pigs Dec. 28, 2020: learning that just because i roll a thicc blunt or joint, that doesn’t mean i have to smoke it all in one sitting. i can wait until i want more

Yep, CPS hired a sexually deviant, racist, anti-police, anti-military, anti-capitalist pothead as a “sexual health expert” for Chicago children, and Illinoisans pay his salary.

The lives of children don’t matter to CPS. Black lives don’t matter to CPS. Brown lives don’t matter to CPS. And clearly, white lives don’t matter to CPS.

Magdaleno and Little should be fired, and the cancerous CPS should be dismantled.

CPS, leave them kids alone.


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