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Wishing Everyone a Safe & Wonderful Thanksgiving

We are blessed to live in America, the land of plenty - rich farmland, enormous natural resources, a place where human ingenuity can flourish under a system that protects property rights and the rule of law protects us from the rule of men.

That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what our founding fathers fought for, argued over, and designed a constitution around.

That’s not how it feels right now.

We are still a land of plenty. The stores are full - any type of food you want from everywhere in the world. Literally any culture can find specialty foods that make them feel at home and able to eat the foods of their native lands. Entire aisles and even entire stores are dedicated to selling a variety of drinks from flavored waters to flavored vodkas. Many even say that the fall of the Berlin Wall was in part due to Boris Yeltsin’s unexpected visit to an American grocery store. Surprised at the abundance, Yeltsin was overheard saying, “Even the Politburo doesn’t have this choice. Not even Mr. Gorbachev.” The lie of Socialism was revealed in that one stop.

Halloween spending hit a record $12.2 billion in the land of plenty and Christmas spending is expected to be over $1 trillion in the U.S. this year.

But the price of everything is up, up, up. Housing, gasoline, home heating costs, food, services of any kind, and TAXES are creating pressures on family budgets. It should not be this way.

Government has interfered in the marketplace with excessive regulation and spending driving production down and inflation up. Instead of unleashing the power of entrepreneurs to create products, services, and jobs that people want, they created crony systems where the connected get taxpayer-funded handouts the ordinary cannot access. We have crept into central planning, and it is not right or fair.

What else is awry in the land of the free? Freedom itself.

How free are you when the government can tax you under the threat of going to jail or taking your property if you refuse to pay, but then uses your money to bail out other people’s student loans, gives people $20,000 down payments for no reason, gives Chinese Communist companies hundreds of millions in tax incentives and makes you pay for someone else’s abortion and someone’s gender transitioning.

All these policies would be seen as malicious, and in some cases treasonous, just a couple of decades ago.

How free were you during the COVID lockdowns and mandates? Experts and policymakers have not apologized for any of it.

Now the Army is inviting soldiers back into the force after kicking them out for refusing an experimental shot. The Secretary of the Army, Lloyd Austin, should resign along with the other brass that went along with the nonsense. Are we really to believe that they didn’t know any better? They let the mandates go on for a year and a half. According to the article linked before, 8,945 soldiers, 10,800 airmen and guardians, 4,172 sailors, and 3,717 Marines were denied religious exemptions. Another 8,400 service members were separated for “vaccine” refusal. Guess how many have rejoined. (Spoiler Alert - only 43 as of 10/2/23.)

George Washington, in his Thanksgiving Proclamationof 1789, gave thanks “for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge,” among many things, he was thankful for. 200 years later, both civil and religious liberties have been trampled on, and useful knowledge ignored by the government silenced experts.

As many journalists and others continue to investigate the COVID abuses, I would be remiss not to mention the most alarming discovery that the federal government censored American speech systematically through social media companies in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

How free are we when this happens?

I ran in that election cycle against radical Democrat grifter Sean Casten. The COVID misinformation, lies about Trump and now we learn tainted report about the death of George Floyd all made the path for Democrats much easier. The electorate bought into all of it.

Casten was back in the news this week complaining about the pro-Palestinian protestors outside the DNC HQ in Washington D.C. The protestors got a bit too riled up and assaulted police. Casten had to be “rescued” and he called the protestors irresponsible and dangerous in an X (Twitter) post.

Good grief. These are his fellow travelers. These are radical Democrat protestors, someone he should feel comfortable engaging in a policy debate. Why didn’t he go out and talk to the mostly peaceful protestors? Likely, it is because Casten doesn’t really talk to constituents; he talks AT them instead. He literally said, “What the voters think should not matter.” It’s not surprising that Casten and the other Democrats refuse to confront the radicals that their party bred, they’re cowards.

This Thanksgiving, Americans should be grateful that we have the power to reverse all of this and usher in a system of prosperity and security and fairness. We can’t wait much longer to do so.

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