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You CAN Handle the Truth

By Kathleen Murphy

“I want the truth!” Who can forget the iconic courtroom scene from A Few Good Men? Tom Cruise’s performance captured the intellect and courage it takes to question powerful people - people we may even admire; and our outrage at being deceived by those people.

Honest journalism should seek the truth with the tenacity of Lt. Daniel Kaffee interrogating Colonel Nathan Jessup to increase the public’s knowledge of critical issues and hold the powerful to account. Unfortunately, journalism today is more focused on generating a profit, than generating understanding. As a result, there are institutions and insiders that are treated as sacred cows.

This was highlighted recently when Project Veritas - an independent reporting organization - released a video showing the facilities at the US-Mexico border and the conditions under which migrants are detained.

It’s a humanitarian crisis that our major corporate media outlets failed to investigate.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that under no circumstances would minors who arrive at the border without adults be denied entry to the US. This, they say, is a humanitarian solution.

Yet, Project Veritas reported that in these facilities, "there have been multiple sexual assaults, normal assaults, and daily medical emergencies."

It’s the job of reporters to dig in, to push for accountability and to find out what is true and what isn’t. Not just accept the information a politician gives them.

Fox reported that Kamala Harris laughed off a question about whether she would visit the border. Yahoo News reported that Jen Psaki said the situation “is not a crisis.” And opinion show hosts, like Anderson Cooper, were left with no choice but to issue statements.

Psaki says… Kamala says… Cooper says … that isn’t journalism.

The point of journalism is to question what they tell you; to look in the places they don’t want you to see; to go where they don’t want you to go.

This is exactly why you have to look at corporate media outlets with a critical eye - including your local media. And seek out independent sources - like Project Veritas, and other outlets that question the normative order of things and challenge the narratives of our most powerful institutions - whether you like them or not.

It’s a job that requires independent people because most media has conglomerated under a handful of very powerful companies. They have become an industrial system of production that manufactures the public’s consent, rather than serves the public’s interest.

So look outside the box for information. You deserve to know the facts about the most powerful people and organizations in the nation. And, with apologies to Jack Nicholson: you CAN handle the truth.

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