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YouTube Celebrity Goes Trans

For those unfamiliar with social media stuntsters, MrBeast—aka Jimmy Donaldson—is an uber-wealthy, 24-year-old YouTuber who has scored big by creating an endless stream of stunt videos and competitions punctuated by acts of philanthropic generosity. One of his collaborators is childhood friend Chris Tyson, a divorced father of a two-year-old son. Like a freakish number of Millennials and Gen Zers, Tyson has joined the “trans” cult.

As Harris Rigby wrote for Not the Bee,

“Mr. Beast has 145 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly gets tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of views on each video, not including Facebook, Instagram, and TikToks all featuring Mr. Beast's content. You may have never heard of Mr. Beast, but I promise you, your children have.”

In November 2020, the then-married Tyson announced that he was bisexual. By March 2022, Tyson had stopped wearing his wedding ring and begun wearing nail polish. Fast forward to this month when Tyson announced his marriage was over and he had been on “Hormone Replacement Therapy” (HRT) for two months.

But there’s more troubling news about Tyson.

Conservative podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey has retweeted disturbing tweets from Tyson including this one tweeted hours before the Nashville murder of Christians:

“Make fun of me all you want. But mess with the transhomies and … well … 🔫

Equally disturbing, Tyson tweeted this reference to being erotically arouse by cartoon kiddie porn:

“nothing gets my knob a cracking like some loli”

According to one website, Loli “refers to Japanese anime or manga that is sexually explicit and involves young looking cute girls characters. Loli Anime is an illustration; usually a cartoon, of under age girls engaged in sexual activity.”

Tyson’s marriage has ended, and he has begun doping estrogen. Here is how Tyson describes HRT:

Informed consent HRT saved my and many others' lives. The hurdles [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me. Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies.

Tyson has no conclusive, research-based evidence proving that HRT is lifesaving for those who wish they were the opposite sex. There is, however, research pointing to the many risks of the off-label lifetime use of cross-sex hormones for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

Those risks include blood clots in deep veins or lungs, heart problems, stroke, infertility, elevated potassium, high blood pressure, and breast cancer. In light of those risks, adults who want to hormone dope should have to scramble over a few hurdles.

As with all celebrities who freely choose to put their lives under the klieg lights, welcoming and profiting from their celebrity, Tyson has received both unjustifiable adulation and justifiable criticism for his futile attempt to deconstruct his sex through hormone-doping and adopting feminine social conventions.

Many social media commenters have acknowledged the difficult predicament in which this places MrBeast, whose schtick appeals much more to adolescent boys than it does to females of any age.

In a society tyrannically controlled by homosexuals, “trans”-cultists, and their collaborators—all of whom tolerate no ontological, teleological, epistemological, or moral dissent—MrBeast is not at liberty to express anything other than a celebration of Tyson’s bizarre choices. Nor is he at liberty to part professional ways with the fetishist without enduring the wrath of the tolerant.

One commenter described this fetid quagmire as a “nightmare” for MrBeast. That description angered MrBeast:

Yeah, this is getting absurd. Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare. He’s my fucken friend, and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.

What is absurd is “trans”-cultism. The belief that a biological male can be a woman or “nonbinary” is absurd. The belief that hormone-doping, “feminization” surgeries, and cross-dressing transform a biological male into a woman is absurd. The idea that compassion, love, and respect demand all of society pretend that men can be women or “nonbinary” is absurd. The idea that “misgendering” is an affront to dignity but mis-sexing is not an affront to dignity is absurd.

Maybe MrBeast could take a break from hurling epithets at those who believe Chris Tyson is harming himself and, through his celebrity platform, others and answer this question: Does all moral disapproval constitute a phobia or is it just moral claims MrBeast doesn’t like that are phobias?

Some people believe that amputating the healthy limbs of people who identify as amputees (i.e., experience Body Integrity Identity Disorder) is not a moral response to their suffering. Are those people phobic?

When leftists call theologically orthodox Christians ignorant, hateful, bigoted, and “phobic,” are they being Christophobic?

Many “trans”-cultists claim that disapproval of cross-dressing, cross-sex hormone-doping, and mutilating surgeries is responsible for violence against cross-dressers. If that’s the case, when “trans”-cultists and their legions of disciples hurl epithets at Christians, are they encouraging and culpable for acts of violence committed against Christians? Are they to blame for the stigmatization and marginalization of Christians? Are they responsible for the mass murder at the Christian school in Nashville?

Some critics of Tyson believe his choices will have a negative effect on his two-year-old son, but Tyson defends his abandonment of his sex:

I won’t let people talk about how I ‘abandoned my child’. He is the only priority in my life. I have his love and support, and that is all I need. I’m doing this for him. If that confuses you, educate yourself. It that makes you mad. Leave. Simple.

Of course, Tyson has his son’s love. Children love their parents despite their flaws, and his son is only two. Tyson should care about his son’s needs—not what his son can provide to him.

No, Tyson’s priority is not his toddler son. No, Tyson is not rejecting his biological sex for his son. Tyson has fully embraced the lies of a deceitful, foolish, selfish culture that worships at the altar of deviant sexuality.

Those who support Tyson’s choices make an Oprah-esque argument that could only emerge in a narcissistic culture—the kind of culture that rationalizes fetal slaughter and easy-peasy divorce.

The pathetic and tired rationalization Tyson and his defenders have embraced goes something like this: To be a good parent, Tyson must be happy. To be happy, Tyson must be his authentic self. To be his authentic self, Tyson must acquiesce to every powerful, persistent, seemingly intractable desire he experiences. (Just imagine the implications if all of society embraced that proposition.)

In short, indulging in his disordered desires means far more to Tyson than does the welfare and happiness of his child.

In reality, children whose parents decide to immerse themselves in sexual delusion suffer. They suffer from confusion, embarrassment, and loss. And society makes them feel guilty for their justifiable feelings. So, children bury their healthy feelings when it should be their parents burying their unhealthy feelings.

In reality, denying our disordered desires in daily acts of unselfish sacrifice for our children makes them happier and stronger. If MrBeast loves Chris Tyson, he’ll tell him that.

If this were a just and compassionate country, the pervy, pedo-porn obsessed Tyson would never be allowed around any child.


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