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Trans Ideology Under Siege Everywhere

Updated: Oct 13

Recently, the nation saw the wheels start falling off the bus hawking DEI snake oil with the professional implosion of scamster Henry Rogers’—alias Ibram X. Kendi—Center for Antiracism Research that accomplished little for Boston University or race relations but lined the pockets of Rogers/Kendi. And now, it is hoped, we’re beginning to see support for “trans”-cultism cratering. Tragically, before Big “Trans” reaches peak decimation, thousands of children and young adults will have had their minds warped, healthy bodies mutilated, and health devastated.

“Trans”-cultism is built on the metaphysical superstition that humans are, in reality, what they wish to be. Girls can become boys and boys become girls by the sheer alchemical power of their desires. Like the ancient Gnostic heresy, “trans”-alchemy views the human person dualistically, subordinating the material body to the immaterial “spirit,” which in trans-alchemy is just disordered desire gussied up in rhetoric that lends it ontological gravitas.

Here are three recent signs that “trans”-cultists and their profiteering collaborators may soon see the end of their perverse racket.

From the media front:

Tucker Carlson just aired an hour-long interview with Chris Moritz who ably summarized the “trans” juggernaut that has been worming its way through our institutions for decades, aided and abetted by wealthy weirdos and leftists like the Pritzkers.

Moritz discussed the lack of research proving the safety and efficacy of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone-doping, and Mengele-esque surgeries; the explosion in the number of minors identifying as “trans” and the concomitant explosion in number of gender clinics; and the grotesque nature of the surgeries committed by surgeons whose work often results in the need for corrective procedures.

As disturbing as Moritz’s brief description of surgical efforts to create fake vaginas for troubled young men was, it doesn’t begin to portray adequately how sickening the procedure really is, particularly for young men who have micro-penises due to being prevented from completing puberty.

Moritz’s expose follows those of Jennifer Bilek, one in the Federalist in 2018 and one in Tablet magazine in 2022, who provides an eye-popping look into the pernicious nexus of wealthy leftists, corporate interests, legislative mandates, and public education, with Illinois front and center.

Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor of City Journal is doing yeoman work on exposing “trans”-cultism and its devotees who apparently haven’t yet seen a boundary worthy of preserving.

Case in point, Dr. Curtis Crane, a reconstructive urologist who said that the “trans community” taught him that “gender does exist on a continuum. … And so, if gender exists on a continuum, why then would my surgical treatments be binary?” Following that perverse epiphany, Curtis decided he to create non-binary humans by surgically altering biological males and females to have either fake penises to accompany their natal vaginas, fake vaginas to accompany their natal penises, or no external genitalia at all. The latter surgery is colloquially called nullification of “nullo.”

From the medical front:

It was only a matter of time before science—as in hard science, not the woefully unstable, easily manipulated social science that leftists prefer—began to unearth the inconvenient truths behind Frankensteinian efforts to create what Jennifer Bilek calls “synthetic sex identities.”

According to the Blaze, a study of 2,671 cross-sex impersonating Danish men and women published in the European Journal of Endocrinology indicates that “male transvestites taking feminizing hormones are 93% more likely to suffer heart disease than other men. Female transvestites taking testosterone are 63% more likely to suffer heart disease than other women.” Equally shocking is that the “average age for the men was 26 and the average age for the women in the study was 22.”

The more parents, young people, physicians, mental health professionals, and educators learn about the serious health risks—which include heart disease, cancer, stroke, infertility, and the complete absence of the ability to experience sexual arousal—the greater the likelihood that support will wane. The more surgeons like Crane are successfully sued, the greater the likelihood that they will choose to stop butchering people.

From the legal/education front:

In a society so morally untethered that it can produce a moral cipher like Curtis Crane, lawsuits can be an effective weapon, as the Kettle Moraine School District in Waukesha, Wisconsin learned this week.

The Waukesha Circuit Court ruled in favor of two sets of parents who sued the Kettle Moraine School District for facilitating the social "transitioning" of minor children and concealing the schools' collusion from parents. The Court decided,

This particular case is simply whether a school district can supplant a parent’s right to control the healthcare and medical decisions for their children. The well established case law in that regard is clear – Kettle Moraine can not. The School District abrogated the parental rights of B.F. and T.F. on how to medically treat [their daughter] when the district decided to socially affirm A.F. at school despite B.F. and T.F. requesting it does not.

Through its policy of disregarding parental wishes on a medical or health related decision and with how fast questioning one's gender can arise, P.W. and S.W. are at real risk of being harmed by the current School District policy.

The current policy of handling these issues on a case-by-case basis without either notifying the parents or by disregarding the parents wishes is not permissible and violates fundamental parental rights.

From the political protest/I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore front:

At Roanoke College, a small Division III college in Virginia, a male swimmer who spent last year estrogen-doping, decided to switch to the women’s team. The girls’ swim team expressed their opposition to a male swimming on the girls’ team—opposition born not out of personal animosity but out of commitments to justice and fair play. They received no support from their coaches, the athletic director, the college administration, or the NCAA. Further, the young man pulled out the suicidal-thoughts card, claiming that after hearing the women didn’t want to compete against a man with all his manly physical advantages said, “I was suicidal, I wanted to kill myself, I wanted to jump off” a campus building.

His demagoguery didn’t work. The swim team refused to compete against him, and sixteen of the seventeen female swimmers along with parents and former NCAA D-I swimming champion Riley Gaines held a news conference to share their feelings about the injustice. The male swimmer has quit the women’s team.

When so many conservatives remain silent unless they’re guaranteed that speaking truth will be cost-free, these heroic young women were willing to sacrifice a sport they love and that requires years of brutal training. Women everywhere should follow their lead.

“Trans”-cultists are free to embrace any pseudo-religious nonsense they want. Their nonsensical pseudo-religious beliefs do not, however, grant to them the right to force everyone to participate in their sacraments, which range from their pronoun liturgies to their sex-denying private space rituals to their barbarous body modification.

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