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What in the World is Going On?

Nashville Shooting - Trump Indictment - Springfield Update - Local Elections & More

Nashville Shooting- Like you, I am saddened by the murder of the innocent -again - at the hands of a deranged and mentally ill person. These acts of mass violence by a single individual are unprecedented and the product of the cultural and family breakdown in modern times. In nearly every profile of the attackers is someone from a dysfunctional family with no close friendships or sense of belonging. Assessing the facts that have already been revealed about the Nashville shooter, there seems little doubt that this attack, like nearly all other mass shootings, was targeted against a group of people the shooter both knew and sought revenge on. There’s a lot still to find out about the shooter and motive. Her manifesto should be made public so that researchers can better profile and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Laurie Higgins’ insightful discussion of the Things to Think About following Nashville School Shooting is a MUST READ, which is why we sent it out mid-week.

The response from the Left is both typical and outrageous. They immediately called for gun control. They aggressively protested in the Tennessee state capitol, shoved police out of the way and shutdown debate.

But, I agree with Matt Walsh – the real question is WHY? Walsh writes for the Daily Wire and he has been the tip of the spear fighting to protect children from the transgender industry. He exposed the surgery for profit to transition minors going on at Vanderbilt. He exposed the lies and regret in the trans community in his movie What is a Woman? He got the Tennessee legislature to ban gender-affirming care for minors. That bill was just signed a month ago by the Tennessee Governor.

Matt Walsh has been the target of numerous threats and vitriol. But, his questioning of the trans agenda has pushed states and others to protect children. Given the trans-identity of the shooter, and the fact that it happened in Walsh’s hometown, his opinion on the tragedy matters.

He writes:

The real question — the only question that matters right now — is why. Why do people want to commit these evil acts? What drives it? What motivates it? Even if you could take away all the guns — snap your fingers and make them disappear or float into space — still you would be left with a country infested with homicidal sociopaths who don't value human life.

You have to sign up for his newsletter to read the whole article at The Matt Walsh Report.

But, the Left isn’t asking why, and they aren’t concerned about the obviously targeted attack on Christians. Instead, they are literally digging in to protect the trans community as if they are the victims of the tragic shooting. The worst was President Biden on Friday commemorating the Trans Day of Visibility and putting out a statement that the day, “celebrates the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know.”

They want no questions asked about what treatment the trans-identifying shooter was under and whether or not any drugs she was taking created a psychosis leading to her mentally deranged state. The shooter hated her sex and took out her revenge on other women and girls in a place where she may have last truly felt like a woman.

School leaders who perpetuate the lie that you can change your sex, as most of the public schools in Illinois do, should instead speak the truth to young people and pull them out of their delusion instead of feeding it.

On a related note: The US Navy Intelligence Office reminds staff to treat transgender co-workers with dignity and respect. How about finding out what happened in Syria?

Tragedy hit our military service this past week when a US contractor was killed and five US service members and one additional contractor were wounded when an Iranian drone hit a maintenance facility in Syria.

Then nine members of the 101st Airborne division were killed when two Black Hawk helicopters collided in training. I grieve for their families and appreciate that they raised children willing to defend our country. So many Americans feel no responsibility to the nation in this regard.

Trump Indictment So much can be said about this corrupt action by the New York District Attorney in bringing charges against Trump for what has been described as a misdemeanor offense of falsifying business records. It’s laughable to think Trump made the decision on how to categorize the expense. This is a witch-hunt like no other and it will backfire on the Left. Everyone needs to speak up against the unfair justice system because staying silent invites more injustice.

What’s the Martin Luther King, Jr quote that the Left has displayed on their lawn signs?

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

There is so much that has already been said about the situation and so much more that will be said. The one point I would make is Illinois Democrats have/had a hand in all of it. Who do you think is the real leader of the Democrat party nationally and where did he learn his trade? Barack Obama. And he learned power politics from indicted Mike Madigan. Obama’s fingerprints are on every aspect of Trump Derangement Syndrome starting with the Russian collusion story. Just my two cents.

Springfield Update The Senate's third reading deadline was Friday. Here are two I want to highlight.

  • The Senate passed SB1909,

A bill that effectively will shut down pro-life pregnancy centers by forcing them to discuss abortion as an option for women who seek help for a crisis pregnancy and limiting sidewalk outreach to pregnant women. The bill, named the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act, is overly broad and meant to chill pro-life advocacy and options for women. Read more HERE and HERE.

  • Another Abortion Clinic Opening in Illinois

On Monday, members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus had a press conference in Danville highlighting and opposing the proposed new abortion clinic. A Danville building has been identified as the location for an abortion business expansion for an Indiana abortionist. The location is just six miles from the border as abortionists plan on making Illinois the destination in the Midwest and beyond for the life-ending procedure.

State Representatives at the Danville IL, press conference
Illinois Freedom Caucus Press Conference in Danville Illinoise

Listen to the press conference.