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Brave Illinois Family and Lawmakers Oppose Co-Ed Locker Room

Last Thursday in Springfield, Illinois, scores of Americans again demonstrated that they’re fed up with “trans”-cultists and their collaborators.

The Illinois Freedom Caucus (Chris Miller, R-Charleston; Blaine Wilhour, R-Beecher City; Dan Caulkins, R-Decatur; Brad Holbrook, R-Shelbyville; Adam Niemerg R-Dieterich; Jed Davis, R-Newark; and David Friess, R-Red Bud) and the Independent Women’s Forum held a press conference with 16-year-old swimmer Abbigail Wheeler and her family to speak out publicly against the Springfield YMCA’s policy of allowing cross-dressing men to access the women’s locker room including when minor girls are present and undressing.

Several months ago, Abbigail Wheeler and her father, Dan Wheeler, expressed their objections to the presence of two biological males in the women’s locker room to head swim coach Alex Totura and the YMCA administration, who laughed at Abbigail’s concerns and dismissed her objections, telling her she could change in the private family facilities or choose not to use any facilities.

Abbigail and her teammate then posted flyers that read “Women’s Rights,” “Biological Women Only,” and “Safe Sport,” which Totura deemed “hate speech” and expelled them from practice.

Absorb that. Minor girls were insulted and punished for posting flyers that affirmed the privacy rights of women in women’s private spaces.

At the press conference, Abbigail expressed her discouragement that adults to whom she thought she could and should turn to when she felt unsafe treated her as if she had done something wrong.

At the press conference, Abbigail recounted the events and shared that the YMCA is violating its purported Christian values and the Christian values embraced by her family.

In a press interview, YMCA CEO Angie Sowle addressed her view of Christian ethics, managing to simultaneously insult the Wheeler family and demonstrate her biblical ignorance in one brief statement:

It seems there are some people around who have a very different definition of Christian than the YMCA does. But treating one another with respect and dignity, the Golden Rule, treat others like you would want them to treat you—that is the core, the definition of Christianity.

In Sowle’s perverse worldview, treating other people with respect and dignity requires minor girls to undress in the presence of adult male strangers. In light of her deep commitment to respect and dignity, maybe Sowle could explain if she is treating minor girls and women with respect and dignity when she expects them either to undress in the presence of men or stay out of locker rooms designated for girls and women altogether.

Sowle similarly distorts the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12), which says, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the law and the Prophets.” Surely, Sowle cannot be so ignorant as to believe that the Golden Rule requires Christians to acquiesce to every desire of their fellow fallen humans.

If a YMCA member wanted to swim naked, would Sowle argue that the YMCA’s Golden Rule ethic requires the organization to allow him to swim naked? Conversely, how does Sowle apply the Golden Rule to the many Christians, Muslims, and Jews who believe it is wrong to share private spaces with opposite-sex persons? And presumably, Sowle understands that Christians must only wish to be treated in ways that God approves. Christians must never wish for themselves to be treated in ways that God views as sinful. For example, no Christian should wish to undress in the presence of strangers of the opposite sex. Therefore, embracing the Golden Rule would prohibit men from accessing girls’ locker rooms.

Moreover, if Illinois were to pass a law requiring the sexual integration of private spaces, the Golden Rule would require civil disobedience. It would require Christians to physically bar men from entering the private spaces of girls and women. Just as Rosa Parks refused to give up her rightful seat on a bus, women must refuse to give up their private spaces, and men should ensure their private spaces remain private spaces.

In an interview, “Christine” Newton, one of the cross-dressing men who was present when the girls’ swim team were changing, claimed,

No trans has ever show themselves in a woman's locker room at all. … We go in a bathroom stall and change. That way no one sees us changing. So, that story was fabricated. … We are females. That’s the bottom line. Because, when you get in the medical part, we are females. We may not show on the outside, but mentally, we are.

When asked if he would consider using a private family changing room in order to make girls and women feel more comfortable, Newton asserted, “No … because we are females, bottom line. … We are females, and that's how we are.”

No, men are not women. Men may wish they were women. Men may falsely believe they are women. But men cannot be women.

Here are some questions that Sowle, Totura, and every “trans” collaborator should publicly answer:

  • If cross-dressing men have a right not to undress in the presence of biological men, why should women be forced to undress in the presence of biological men?

  • If women are expected to use locker rooms with people whose sex they don’t share, why shouldn’t cross-dressing be expected to use locker rooms with people whose “gender identity” they don’t share?

  • How do cross-dressing men know the gender identities of men in men’s locker room? “Trans”-cultists claim that “gender identity” is constituted solely by subjective, internal feelings. They claim it has nothing to do with objective, biological sex as manifest in anatomy. In fact, they claim women can have penises and men can have breasts. They claim fully intact biological males can be women. Maybe all men in men’s locker rooms internally identify as women. And maybe all women in women’s locker rooms identify as men.

The desire of cross-dressing men to use women’s private spaces exposes both the deceit and injustice inherent in the “trans” nonsense.

The reason cross-dressing men want to use women’s locker rooms has nothing to do with “gender identity” because they don’t know the gender identities of women in locker rooms. The reason is that they want to be in private spaces with those who have the types of bodies they—cross-dressing men—wish they had. Cross-dressing men have no knowledge of the “gender identities” of women in women’s private spaces or men in men’s private spaces. Cross-dressing people are interested in biological sex and the anatomy that naturally occurs with it, which raises the final question:

Why should men (or women) who wish they were the sex they aren’t be permitted to act as if physical embodiment matters in private spaces, but normal people—those who accept their sex—are not permitted to act as if objective, immutable biological sex matters in private spaces?

Dan Wheeler—a father who all fathers should emulate—forcefully articulated what the foundational issue is in this debate:

It’s not whether a biological male is naked, whether a biological male is leering, whether a biological male has a camera out. It’s the fact that a biological male is in the girls’ locker room.

Illinois needs an army of women and men of all ages with the courage and wisdom of Abbigail, her father, her teammate Lucy, her sister, and the GOP lawmakers who organized this press conference and spoke in support of truth.


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