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His Highness’ Way or The Highway

The Democratic definition of efficient government in Illinois is now lawmaking without judicial review. Downstate courts are often the only place where progressive laws encounter any resistance. Mr. Pritzker has eliminated them by fiat. - Wall Street Journal Editorial, June 7, 2023

Not only do Illinois Democrats have free reign to do whatever they want, (pass laws and budgets that no one else can weigh in on), but now they’re attempting to block any recourse to fight back against corrupt, dangerous policies after they have already been inflicted upon the people of Illinois.

They passed a law that requires any constitutional challenge to a state law, rule or executive order to be filed in only two Illinois counties. You guessed it- the counties containing Chicago and Springfield. Scheming Attorney General Kwame Raoul came up with the idea, goose-stepping Democrat lawmakers passed it, and on Tuesday, King Pritzker signed the outrageous dictate into law.

People who know how the judicial system is supposed to work when asked about this dictate, made the following point:

"The Democrats are acting just like tyrant King George III. In the Declaration of Independence, the Americans declared that King George was unfit to rule because he was forcing them to be tried overseas by his tame courts for made-up crimes. ("transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses")

The Democrats are doing the same thing. They pass unconstitutional laws to make law-abiding citizens criminals, then make those same citizens travel hundreds of miles to the kangaroo courts they control. Tyrants are always the same, whether kings or lawless Chicago politicians."

Other important points to consider from my friends in the know are:

1. This is the Democrats saying they will continue to trample your rights and make you drive hundreds of miles to get justice--in a court that will favor the state over you.

2. We have 25 trial courts spread over all 102 Illinois counties so people can get justice where they live. The Democrats don't trust the local judges you elect--they want to use their hand-picked, tame judges in Chicago and Springfield to continue their ongoing illegal assault on your rights.

3. Article VI, Section 9 of the Illinois Constitution says that the trial courts of the state are courts of "original jurisdiction of all justiciable matters." That means any of the 25 trial courts covering our 102 counties can hear any kind of cases.

The Wall Street Journal, which has written about Illinois every week for the last month, spilled ink again on this outrageous legislation. Read the article here:

Let’s see if anyone fights back against the law that doesn’t allow anyone to fight back.

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