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Obama's Tricksy Open Letter to Librarians

In an open letter to librarians filled with leftist jargon and obfuscations and omitting any mention of the obscene nature of books challenged by parents, Barack Obama proves his deceitful demagogic bona fides—again.

Right out of the gate, slickster Obama began dissembling:

In any democracy, the free exchange of ideas is an important part of making sure that citizens are informed, engaged and feel like their perspectives matter. It’s so important, in fact, that here in America, the First Amendment of our Constitution states that freedom begins with our capacity to share and access ideas – even, and maybe especially, the ones we disagree with.

Does Obama think conservatives feel like their perspectives on, among other things, race, racism, sex, and “gender” matter in America today? Do leftist teachers and librarians who call conservative beliefs on “gender” and sexuality “homophobic, transphobic, bigoted and hateful” make sure students have access to and study conservative resources on these topics?

Or do leftists refuse to publish, purchase, or teach books that espouse ideas with which they disagree and view as hateful and “triggering”?

Obama then talked about the importance of being exposed to voices different from one’s own:

Reading about people whose lives were very different from mine showed me how to step into someone else’s shoes.

Is Obama urging leftist librarians to purchase books critical of “trans”-cultic beliefs and practices written by “detransitioners” or people raised by cross-dressing parents?

Is Obama urging leftist librarians to request from publishing companies memoirs and YA novels about people who have rejected their former “gay” or “lesbian” identities to embrace more authentic heterosexual identities?

Will he urge librarians to request picture books about anthropomorphic animals in two-daddy families who long for mommies? Surely, some children experience such longings. Shouldn’t we learn from their stories?

Judith Krug, former president of the leftist American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, once said,

We have to serve the information needs of all the community. … You can’t buy materials if they’re not there. But part of our responsibility is to identify what we need and then to begin to ask for it. Another thing we have to be real careful about is that even though the materials that come out initially aren’t wonderful, it’s still incumbent upon us to have that voice represented in the collection. … We can’t sit back and say, “Well, they’re not the high-quality materials I’m used to buying.” They’re probably not, but if they are the only thing available, then I believe we have to get them into the library. (emphasis added)

The unctuous politico Obama opines that the “the free, robust exchange or ideas has always been at the heart of American democracy.”

Who disagrees with that? I’ll tell you who. Leftists do. That’s why they fill school libraries and curricula with materials that advance leftist views on racism, sexuality, and “gender” while censoring materials (or bowdlerizing older books) that conflict with or dissent from leftist views.

Moreover, Obama’s claim is irrelevant to current controversies, which are chiefly about material so egregiously obscene they can’t be printed in newspapers or read aloud on network television.

Here’s an idea for robust reader Obama: How about you go to a classroom of middle schoolers and read to them the adult comic book—er, I mean, the “graphic memoir” Gender Queer by the creepy Maia Kobabe. Don’t forget to show the kiddies the illustrations—all in the service of the “free exchange of ideas,” of course.


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