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Pritzker Spending $23 Million of Public Money to Subsidize Feticide

WTTW reported on pickpocket J.B. Pritzker’s newest sock in the jaws and guts of Illinoisans who believe developing humans deserve to be protected from extermination:

Illinois’ … Department of Public Health will spend $10 million to create a hotline to aid callers in finding providers and making appointments. Pritzker had proposed the funding in February, and Democratic lawmakers included it in the state’s fiscal year 2024 budget this spring. … The state’s spending plan also included $8 million in additional training for reproductive health care providers and a specialty consultation program for at-risk patients. … Pritzker said the state’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will open a $5 million grant program for reproductive health care providers in Illinois. That money comes from the non-transportation portion of Illinois’ $45 billion infrastructure program, Rebuild Illinois.

Illinois’ retrograde governor and his bloodthirsty Democrat apparatchiks in Springfield are going to spend $28 million taxpayer dollars for residents and non-residents to have their offspring offed. That is $28 million dollars sucked out of the pockets of hardworking Illinoisans to fund the organized crimes—moral crimes—of men and women who support (and profit from) the destruction of human lives.

Pritzker is motivated by the just actions of other states to restrict the killing of babies in their mothers’ wombs:

While our neighboring states revert to forcing back-alley abortions, Illinois will remain a safe haven for women. And I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure widespread equitable access to reproductive rights.

Virtually no one is forced to have a back-alley abortion. Further, with regard to legal abortion, the dead victims are intentionally killed by the choice of their mothers aided and abetted by the law. In illegal abortions, the rarely dead women die accidentally as a result of choices they made.

Thousands of women choose to have their human offspring killed—nearly one million humans annually. Compare that to the statistics for the number of women who accidentally died from illegal abortions a decade before Roe legalized prenatal genocide. According to the liberal Guttmacher Institute, by “1965, the number of deaths due to illegal abortion had fallen to just under 200.”

Pritzker calls Illinois a “safe haven” for women. No word on what Illinois is for the children these women have killed.

The hotline Pritzker is creating through the collusion of the “state’s Department of Healthcare and Family Services, along with IDPH … the University of Illinois at Chicago hospital, Rush University Medical Center and the Chicago Abortion Fund,” the latter of which provides yet more funding to help kill humans.

Obscene ironies abound: Rush University lefty obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Laura Laursen will be a co-director of the hotline. Ladies, no matter how nice an ob-gyn is, don’t use her (or him, or them, or zir) if she supports, facilitates, or commits human slaughter.

This is not the only way the University of Illinois Chicago is entangled in Illinois’ shameful feticidal scheme. UIC law school student Christine Pillado shared with Jeanne Ives that on “August 15, 2022, all incoming 1L students at UIC Law had a one-hour discussion with Professor Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb. … During this discussion, she stated that UIC was providing housing for any woman seeking an abortion in Illinois.”

Leftists are compelling Illinoisans to fund the most controversial medical procedure in America’s history, and they abuse the idea of “equity” to rationalize their repellent political efforts to kill humans.

Equity, “the quality of being fair and impartial,” does not apply to killing humans (the product of conception between two humans is inarguably a human). Fair means “impartial and just, without favoritism or discrimination.”

Unfairness, partiality, and favoritism make sense if and only if there is someone—and agent—who engaged in unfair or partial acts. There is nothing necessarily “unfair” about the existence of non-uniformity of financial conditions among people.

It is absurd to claim that is unfair, unjust, or partial that some women may more easily pay butchers to dismember their offspring than other women.

Every leftist who believes commitments to impartiality require society to make access to all stuff identical is free to use their money to provide that stuff to those who don’t have it.

Pritzker is free to give away every dime of his money to women in states where killing the unborn is illegal. He can sell all his homes, horses, and investments to help women kill their gestating babies. If he believes fairness means access to all goods and services must be identical, then his inordinately huge access to stuff constitutes a grievous evil that he can rectify by reducing his access to stuff.

Reducing his ability to access goods and services by voluntarily redistributing his wealth is one way to achieve sameness in conditions among people—i.e., “equity” as used by leftists. Let all leftists who embrace a grossly deformed definition of equity live in accordance with their purported ethical commitments. If they think equity means identical access to all goods and services, then provide those goods and services—including goods and services not essential to existence—to all people—including people who have voluntarily made poor decisions that lead them to seek services not essential to life. Let the Pritzkers, Bidens, Obamas, Zuckerbergs, and Hollywood celebrities reduce their assets to subsistence level in order to achieve equity—i.e., in leftist vernacular, the identical ability to access stuff.

Let them pay build and live in the identical housing in which illegal immigrants live. Let the filthy rich travel no more than the least among us are able to travel. Let them have no more money for clothes, make-up, vanity medical procedures than the poor do (remember younger-looking, slim, more attractive people have employment advantages, so, inequitable).

The rest of Americans have chosen to accept the exigencies of life that result in different circumstances. Some of those exigencies are caused by voluntary irresponsible and sinful acts, some by accidents of nature.

A just government and a moral people ensure access to essential goods and services like food, clothing, shelter, and medical care to treat disease. The intentional killing of developing humans is the antithesis of an essential service.

A just government—a government committed to fairness—does not forcibly take money from Petra to pay for Pauline to have Patricia killed.

We’ve come a long way from safe, legal, and rare. Now in Illinois, it’s an all-out assault on the weakest among us from conception to birth for any or no reason. And Illinoisans have to subsidize the assault.

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