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School Board Member Who Loves to Talk to Other People’s Kids About Sex

Illinois District 211’s controversial school board member Kim Cavill loves talking to other people’s children about sex. She discusses sex in classrooms with 11–14-year-olds, and until recently, she discussed sex in podcasts for tweens and teens. What she doesn’t love so much is having the community she purports to represent know exactly what she says to tweens and teens about sex, which is probably why she has taken down all her podcasts for kids about topics like porn, anal sex, and polyamory. The Internet, however, makes it difficult to hide everything. In her now missing podcast for tweens and teens on anal sex titled “All About Anal,” sexpert Cavill said,

Before trying anal sex, people need to talk about their own and their partner’s boundaries like any other type of sex. It should be preceded by a conversation about what the people participating in sex are consenting to, what they aren’t consenting to, how they’re expecting sex to go, and how they’re going to communicate during sex to make sure everyone’s still on the same page. Anal sex also requires a lot of lube.”

Do tweens really need to know about the lubing essentials of anal sex? Is that what most Americans want public schools to teach their children?

From her podcast “Let’s Talk About Porn,” Cavill’s relativism was front and center:

Porn can certainly cause relationship problems but so can a lot of other things. Porn causing relationship problems isn’t inevitable. It depends on the relationship, and it depends on how the people in that relationship feel about porn. … [T]he evidence says that if you think porn’s bad, it is, and if you think porn’s fine, then it is.

To Cavill, there’s nothing intrinsically bad about porn, only thinking makes it so.

In response to a question from a college student in an interview, Cavill shared these words of sexpert pseudo-wisdom:

Porn is for the viewer, so the angles and the positions that we see in porn are to maximize the viewer pleasure. … So, when we look at how it is … it’s kind of like jackhammering motion of a penis hammering a vagina in porn because most porn is made and consumed by men. It’s very phallic-central, and female pleasure is not depicted in a way that it looks in real life. Um, that’s going to be the activity that’s least likely to result in an [female] orgasm in real life in the context of relationship. So, that’s why I say, porn is porn, and porn may have its place depending on your values and how you use it.

Cavill also referred to "ethically produced" porn. That's an oxymoronic term—and moronic. There is no such thing as “ethically produced” porn. And no adult who thinks such a thing exists should ever sit on a school board.

Something notable in many of Cavill’s podcasts is how studiously she avoids the words boy, girl, man, and woman. Even in her podcast explaining how babies come into existence, she never mentions men and women. Instead, she describes a “grown-up with a penis” and a “grown-up with a vagina.”

Cavill, who in 2017 secretly enlisted the help of a Chicago “trans” PAC to thwart the elections of three excellent conservative candidates, is an ardent supporter of all things sexually deviant, including the “trans” ideology, which grievously harms tweens and teens.

Americans—including even many conservatives—have become so desensitized to both perversity and public affirmation of perversity that the presence of someone like Cavill on a school board barely registers on the offensiveness scale. That’s a problem.

The ideas, values, beliefs, and policies Cavill endorses and promotes are at odds with those of conservative people of faith—including Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants—as well as the good of children and society.

In addition, the sanctimonious Cavill has demonstrated again and again that she will engage in unethical means to achieve her goals (Click here and here).

District 211 children, their parents, and all other community members deserve far better than Cavill who is currently running for re-election.


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