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Not a word was said by any Democrat in the House or Senate

There was no denouncement of the horrific attack by Hamas. No comment about the brutal murder of the six-year-old Palestinian-American boy stabbed to death. No utterance of gratitude that two Illinois citizens were released by Hamas after being taken hostage. Complete silence on any of these topics by the Illinois Legislative Jewish Caucus, any individual Jewish member of the legislature, or any Democrat at all.

Trust me, this is highly unusual. Springfield Democrats to speak up on the House floor to grandstand on any injustice and speak up about any perceived slight by a member of their constituency and yet, no resolution was presented or remarks made on the floor of the House or Senate in response to any of the attacks, marches in the street, and antisemitic posts made.

Someone silenced them for political reasons. How shameful is that?

Two Republicans in the House offered resolutions condemning the attack by Hamas and spoke to those resolutions in the House and still no Democrat rose to offer their own words to the events that have unfolded over the last nearly three weeks (at that point). Events that show hatred for Jews and posters that indicate they want to end the Jewish state of Israel.

Of course, members of the leading Marxist organization in the state weighed in on the pro-Palestinian side, showing again their ignorance when it comes to historical facts and their support for actual terrorist organizations. As State Rep. Bob Morgan said in his Chicago Tribune opinion article, “If your neighbor, elected official or local activist organization cannot speak that truth [i.e., condemnation of Hamas], they are excusing terrorism, full stop.”

It appears that Chicago Teachers Union members are excusing terrorism.

Here are photos of CTU members marching in the streets of Chicago. Thank you, Chicago GOP, for posting these photos for all to see.

And then there’s Delia Ramirez. She’s the latest member of the radical girls group in Congress. She voted against a House Resolution that condemned the attack on Israel. She is one of nine Democrats who voted against the resolution and the only Congressman from Illinois to do so.

Ramirez is a disaster. Remember that taxpayer funding for non-citizen healthcare in Illinois was her initiative. Now she is in Congress supporting terrorists. She’s all in for illegal immigration with no restrictions. There’s not a radical Democrat policy she hasn’t endorsed – abortion up until birth, mutilation of children with transgender surgeries, student loan debt relief, and so much more.

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