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Which taxes are headed up on July 1st in Illinois?

"Next month, the state's gas tax will increase by 6.2 cents to a total tax of 45.4 cents, the second increase since Jan. 1. The state's tax on groceries will also go back into effect after Gov. J.B. Pritzker put a hold on the tax during last year's election cycle."

The expiration of the one-year sales tax holiday for groceries will generate $400 million more for the state to waste. The expiration of the holiday on back-to-school items will bring in another $30 million.

By my calculation, that will make us the highest in the nation! In the graph above from January 2022 we were ranked 2nd behind CA, I am betting we are now number 1.

No Tax Relief for Anyone. Just pay more so we can send money to Chicago to pay for illegal immigrants, violence prevention programs that don’t work, and schools that don’t educate.

**DuPage County has a local tax per gallon of 3 cents, some cities have their own local tax per gallon (the right to levy that tax was part of the massive gas tax increase bill in 2019), and local sales taxes vary among cities and counties and are calculated on top of the other taxes.


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